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Is a transit visa required at Narita, Japan if you're on a multi city itinerary? [duplicate]

I'm an Indian passport holder, long term resident of Singapore and a long term American visa holder. I've always been traveling to the states from Singapore via Narita, Tokyo. However, my most recent ...
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Is a Transit visa required by a US citizen with an overnight Narita, Japan layover? [duplicate]

I'm a US passport holder. My flight lands at Narita airport at 4 pm and does not fly out till 11 am next day. Do I need a transit visa? Is it okay for me to leave the airport to explore and come ...
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Transit visa requirements at Narita Airport [duplicate]

I am an Indian citizen and currently staying in United States on J-1 Exchange Visitor visa. I will be traveling from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) to New Delhi (India) on 19th July. I have a layover of 22 ...
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Transit visa for Narita [duplicate]

My girlfriend and I are travelling to the Philippines in November of this year 2013. We fly with Air Canada to Narita Tokyo from there we fly with ANA airlines to Manilla. We have a 2:20 minute ...
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Do I need visa for transit in Japan? [duplicate]

I'm Myanmar passport holder and flying to Myanmar from Mexico but I have to transit in Japan. I will arrive at Narita Airport Terminal 1 at 6:20 am and depart from Terminal 2 at 9:15 am on the same ...
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Can a Filipino passport holder travel in transit through Narita Japan? [duplicate]

I’m trying to book an emergency flight for the weekend of May 11th-12th from San Jose Costa Rica to Manila Philippines. I’m unable to obtain an in transit visa through Canada on such short notice. ...
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3 hours layover at Haneda airport to US [duplicate]

I am a Philippine passport holder travelling to US via Haneda. I only have a 3-hour layover in Haneda. From Manila I will be taking PH Airlines and from Haneda to US I will be taking AA (American ...
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Do I need a Japan transit visa to travel from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 at Narita? [duplicate]

On 12 September at 17:45 I am travelling from Helsinki Vantaa (Finnair AY 73) to Tokyo Narita Terminal 2 and from there to Terminal 1 and then I'm going to Auckland (Air New Zealand NZ 90). Do I need ...
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Do I need a transit visa for Japan? [duplicate]

I'm holding Philippine passport and I'm here in Canada and I'm going to visit my country but I need to stop over in Narita Terminal 1 and next day I'm going to transfer Narita Terminal 2. My layover ...
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Transit visa in Japan [duplicate]

I am travelling from US(SFO) to India (Delhi) via Haneda airport Japan. If my ANA flight from SFO to Haneda lands at Terminal T2 and my ANA flight from Haneda to Delhi is from terminal T3 , will I ...
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Do I need a transit visa for a layover in Tokyo airport? [duplicate]

My trip will be from Vietnam to Canada. I will have a 4 hr layover in Tokyo. I am a Bangladeshi passport holder and permanent resident of Canada. Will I need a transit visa for Tokyo airport?
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Shore pass connecting flight from terminal 2 to terminal 1 at Narita [duplicate]

How and where can I obtain a shore pass when I arrive at Narita terminal 2? I asked PR airline; they said I need to claim my luggage at arrival in Narita Tokyo terminal 2. If I claim my luggage, I ...
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Do I need visa stopover 6 hour in Atlanta America,Tokyo japan [duplicate]

Do I need visa 6 hours stopover Atlanta America, and Tokyo japan and going to maynila , I'm Pilipino from Brazil what should I needed I only have passport and ticket only ..
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Philippines passport holder transit visa [duplicate]

I bought my e-ticket through an online travel agency PAL- Air Canada. From Manila, layover 3h and 55 mins in Narita Tokyo terminal 2. I will transfer terminals and airlines from terminal 2 to terminal ...
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Short stay transit visa at Narita Airport, Japan [duplicate]

I am a Filipino and traveling to the USA on a K-1 visa with a stop in Narita. My layover is 3 hours, do I need a short stay transit visa?
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