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Do I need to give a real passport number at the time of booking for a flight from HKG to the United States? [duplicate]

I am planning a trip to Hong Kong in June. When I tried to book my return flight (a direct flight from HKG to SFO) on Singapore Airlines's website, it requires that I enter my passport information (...
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How to book a flight if my passport doesn't state my gender?

I am asking on behalf of my friend. My friend doesn't have a gender (in other words they are gender-neutral) and on their new passport their gender is represented as X (indeterminate/unspecified). ...
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Airline reservations require name to exactly match passport, but won't allow entering name that way

My sister's name on her passport is 25 characters not including spaces: 5 letters for her given name, 7 letters for her middle name, and 13 letters, including a hyphen, for her last name. (It's NOT a ...
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Will my passport number change when I renew it?

I'm travelling soon but need to renew my passport. Given that I have to provide my passport number to the airline to book a flight, I was wondering if my passport number would change if I renew it. ...
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Can two persons sharing a name travel one-way each on a return ticket?

I would like to know if my brother can fly by United Airlines from USA to El Salvador, and my father, from El Salvador to USA using the same round trip ticket, both of them have the same name.
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Is it a problem for wrong gender on flight tickets?

I just booked a flight ticket on AirAsia for my friend and filled out the wrong gender carelessly. Is it a problem? I didn't find their customer service phone numbers on AirAsia.
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What does "country of residence" mean in flight reservations given its different meaning in different contexts?

Some airlines (for example American Airlines) ask for "country of residence" during the booking process. However, the word "residence" has many different definitions in different ...
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Passport requirements on entering Ireland as a citizen

Basic premise of this question is what are usual requirements for entering Ireland through Airport Immigration - and does this change based on where you departed from? Basically - I'm a citizen and ...
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"Do not board" message at the airport check-in?

I was booked on a flight for Chicago from Bangalore (India), I have a B1 visa. During check-in at the airport counter (for air India) they guy (who generates the boarding pass) said he gets an error ...
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Do I not need to supply passport details when booking through websites?

I've booked international air tickets from a variety of sources and I've always needed to supply passport details, e.g. airline websites, travel agents. However I've just booked a flight with Expedia ...
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Booking flight before new passport arrives?

I am booking a flight for January 30 with Cebu Pacific. I tried to contact them about this, still waiting for a reply. One person in our group didn't have a passport and already applied for one. He ...
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Can't check-in on Ryanair, because an adult is registered as a teen and a teen is registered as an adult

On Ryanair online check-in, when I typed my birth date I got an error saying teens must be under 16 years old. Vice-versa for my son (I can't get it to accept the birth date because it says adults ...
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Do I need to fly with passport when API is required?

I am an EU citizen planning to fly from Switzerland to England (London). I usually use the app from my airline to do online check-in and then just walk up to security. In this case, though, the ...
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I am a citizen of three countries. I am going to travel to not two but all three countries. How do I book the tickets, on which passports? [duplicate]

Australia to South Africa to Morocco. All travels are 4-5 days apart. So which ticket do I book with which passport? Which passport do I use to enter and exit to the next country?
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Why are they not asking me about my passport number for my booking? [closed]

Is it OK when they are not asking my passport number for the travel? I ask because I bought my ticket and a few days later I realized they did not ask. How do I change my details to enter my ...
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