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I have Indian passport and US visa. How easy/difficult is it to get the transit pass for a day to visit Tokyo. How much does it cost? Can it be done online or at the airport upon arrival. Is it 24 ...
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5 hour international layover in Tokyo Narita? [duplicate]

I have a 5 hour layover in Tokyo, between Hong Kong and Boston. Is that enough time to leave the airport and see the city? If not, is there anything I can do in the airport?
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Travelling with a non-revenue listing via Delta, I will fly from Manila-Narita-Seattle. Do I need a transit Visa? [duplicate]

Travelling with a non-revenue listing via Delta, I will fly from Manila-Narita-Seattle. That said, I will be going from Narita to Seattle as a chance passenger. Do I still need to secure a Transit ...
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I am travelling from India to Vancouver with my family which includes my wife, my 5-year-old daughter, and my 9-month-old son. We all have Indian passports. We have a layover at Narita Airport Tokyo ...
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Narita 8 Hour Layover [duplicate]

My return flight from Phuket gives me an 8 hour layover at 10:50 pm in Narita Aiport. Any recommendations for nearby activities?
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do i need a transit visa in japan [duplicate]

I'm a canadian citizen. i have a stopover to japan going home to canada and will transfer from tokyo HND airport to tokyo NRT. Also, I have layover of from 4 am in the morning and be leaving at 6 pm ...
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Do I have apply for any transit visa when transitting overnight though NRT(Japan)? [duplicate]

I have an Itinerary(Jan 2023) from India to USA booked through American airlines(AA) which has long layover(25 hours at NRT). AA didn't provide me with any details about the transit visa. Looking into ...
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Layover at Narita, Japan. Do I need a transit visa?

I will be transferring between two international flights at Tokyo Narita airport. I'm scheduled to depart the same day I arrive. I am planning to stay within the airport during the layover. Does ...
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Transit visa requirements at Narita Airport [duplicate]

I am an Indian citizen and currently staying in United States on J-1 Exchange Visitor visa. I will be traveling from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) to New Delhi (India) on 19th July. I have a layover of 22 ...
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Sightseeing in Japan as an Indian Citizen holding a US F-1 visa

I currently have a US F-1 visa who needs to travel to India. I was hoping to take a layover in Japan. Will I require a transit visa to go sightseeing in Japan and how can I get one in the USA or can ...
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15 Hours Layover in NRT [closed]

My situation: My plane lands in NRT(Terminal 2) at 8pm Sunday night. My departure for my connecting flight departs at 11am(Terminal 2) Monday morning. This is a looooong 15 hours layover. I'm a US ...
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Transit in Japan [duplicate]

I m holing a passport of Indian. I m traveling to Russia but my flight from Mumbai to Tokyo, Tokyo to Haneda, Haneda to Kansai. Kansai to Vladivostok. I have a airport change at Tokyo. Can I require ...
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