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Do I need a U.S. Visa if I'm traveling nonstop from Mexico City to Canada?

As title says, my flight would go directly from Mexico City to Canada without stopping in the US. But with all the security that US has, I'm not sure if I still need a U.S. Visa because after all, ...
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How to determine if I'll be switching planes during a layover?

I'm looking at a potential flight with a short layover (1hr 10 min). How can I determine if I'll be staying on the same plane or switching planes during the layover? Is there something in the flight ...
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Does the term "leg" have a precise meaning in air-travel?

Yesterday I was wondering about what the precise set of terminology surrounding direct and nonstop flights was. I found our previous question that covered those two main terms in detail. But I don't ...
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Is it legal to have 2 flights in the air at the same time with the same flight #?

My son was flying from a Rochester NY to Washington Dulles on flight 4578. They were to land, pickup passengers, then continue to Raleigh. The flight from Rochester was delayed so late arriving in DC. ...
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Can you buy duty free at Kuala Lumpur for travel to Australia?

Currently, Australia has tough restrictions on liquids for both departing and arriving flights. These mean that for a flight to Australia, you will be re-screened before boarding the plane, with ...
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When do you get frequent flier miles - when you buy, or when you fly?

When are you awarded your frequent flier miles and the corresponding benefits? For example, if I have 5 miles left before I get to "gold" status and I'm about to depart on a round trip, will I get ...
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In what case doesn't a coupon correspond to a segment?

I read: If you're flying AAA-BBB-CCC and then CCC-BBB-AAA, you might expect to have four coupons: AAA-BBB, BBB-CCC, CCC-BBB, and BBB-AAA. A coupon doesn't necessary correspond to a segment, however. –...
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Cannot book individual leg of multi-leg flight on flight search engine

I am trying to book a flight from A => C on I find a flight at a good price but with a 20 hour layover in B. B is a nice city so I thought since my schedule is flexible I would ...
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In the context of air travel, what is the same vs different between the terms "transit" and "transfer"?

I keep coming across questions using one or the other, and sometimes both of these terms, yet I've never been clear on whether the two overlap or are distinct or if people sometimes misuse one as the ...
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No cheap, direct flights from Zurich, Switzerland to Vancouver, Canada?

In the middle of August, I want to fly from Zurich to Vancouver. Therefore I used various flight search engines to see what flights are available. I couldn't find a direct flight that is cheaper than ...
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Two flights sold as one non stop?

I've purchased an Emirates flight, EK109, that states on my ticket has no stop, yet on closer inspection it actually flies DXB, LCA (Larnaca), MLA (Malta-Luqa). What's up with that? Do I get off in ...
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