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What is the location of this Windows 10 wallpaper? [duplicate]

Saw this from Windows 10 wallpaper. Hope that someone can help find this - blue lake with snowy mountain. I want to go here one day! Looks very serene.
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Windows 10 Wallpaper - photo location [duplicate]

I've upgraded my laptop to Win10, and I have this wallpaper on my screen: I like this place and I wanted to know - where it exactly is? Search in Internet gave me this old post about windows ...
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Where was this photo taken? (Windows 10 lock screen) [duplicate]

Can someone point to a location, where this photograph was taken? It looks stunning! This is one of lockscreen wallpapers in Windows 10.
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Which city can be seen on this Windows 10 lockscreen? [duplicate]

I had this as my Windows lockscreen, tried to google it, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know what city this is?
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There is a Windows 10 lock screen wallpaper that really caught my attention. Does anyone know the location of this picture? [duplicate]

The information given by Windows 10 is that this picture was taken somewhere in Montenegro. Can someone please give the exact location?
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Windows 10 Lock Screen Wallpaper, where is this location? [duplicate]

This image popped on my screen one day and it wouldn't give me the destination and was wondering where this is, I would love to go here.
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Where is this place "city on the rock"? [duplicate]

Where is this place "city on the rock"?
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Location of photo used for Windows 10 desktop background? [duplicate]

This showed up as the background on my Windows 10 desktop: Does anyone know where the photo was taken?
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Where was this photo of a bridge taken? [duplicate]

Windows Spotlight showed me this picture. But no way to get the place it was shot.
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Where on Earth is this Win10 lock screen image from, with a stone town in a rock crevice? [duplicate]

I'm wondering where the place in the above photo is. I'd love to learn more about it! On my copy of Windows 10 Home there are links that share more info about photos, but on this PC with Windows 10 ...
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Where was this photo taken? Windows 10 photo lock screen [duplicate]

This photo popped upon my screen today, and I would actually really like to travel to this location one day. Does anyone know where it was taken?
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Where was this photograph used as a Windows 10 wallpaper taken? [duplicate]

The photograph below is available as a wallpaper in Windows 10. Where was it taken?
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Where was this night time photograph taken (Windows 10 lock screen image)? [duplicate]

This picture was on my Windows 10 lock screen and I can't find any information.
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Where in the world is this? [duplicate]

This picture is on my windows 10. I would like to know where it is. thank you
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A picture from windows 10 lock screen. I would like to know where it is! [duplicate]

I have been scouring the internet to find where this place is! I havent had much luck.
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