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Are there any websites that will find cheapest flights over a large date range? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I do a “broad” search for flights? I need to go to Florida over the next 4 months. I don't really care when it is (i have flexibility). I want to find a ...
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Any tips on how to get a cheap flight to China [duplicate]

A month ago, I saw US$500 round trip flights from Dallas to Shanghai. Now I can't seem to get anything less than $750, no matter what time of the year pick. I am searching Expedia, and Travelocity. I ...
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How do I book flights Boston area to St. Thomas to Seattle to Boston area? [duplicate]

How do I book flights Boston area to St. Thomas to Seattle to Boston area? Which site allows me to put in this A to B to C to A itinerary for cost and convenience comparisons?
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Looking for a good flight cost comparison site for flexible schedule [duplicate]

I'm looking for a good flight cost comparison site for flexible schedule. Let's say I want to plan a one week trip in October. I really do not mind when. Means I need a site where I can set the ...
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finding flights with flexible origination points [duplicate]

I will be wandering in Europe and flying back to Chicago on a one way ticket. I will adjust my trip to end up in the city I fly home from. I don't care if it's Paris or Berlin or Barcelona or any ...
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What's the best way to find cheap flight tickets from any place from a set of places to any place in another set of places? [duplicate]

For example, how do I find the cheapest tickets from any place in India to any place in either of England, Germany, Netherlands, Spain. Hope the questions makes sense?
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Searching Flights [duplicate]

Planning a trip overseas that goes from A to B; B to C; C home to A. How do I search flights for this if I don't know best cities for multiple stops on each leg of trip.
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More Flexible International Searches [duplicate]

I'm looking for extremely flexible flight search engines. Here are the features I'd like to be able to utilize: More flexible date search, specifically, I want to be gone between 7 and 12 days, but ...
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Flight Search from anywhere to a specific destination

Many flight search engines allow you to pick a departure airport and search for flights to anywhere. E.g. Google flights gives you a nice map with prices next to destinations for a set of dates and an ...
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What are some tricks you use to buy cheap airline tickets in Europe?

I have been flying with Wizz Air, Ryanair and easyJet for some time and have found that there is really a lot to be learned about how to achieve the lowest prices. It was not uncommon for me to buy ...
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Cheapest flight to anywhere at any given time

I'm looking to take a spontaneous trip for a long weekend. The date is flexible and the destination can be anywhere in the world. Is there a site that would allow me to search airfares within a date ...
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Which websites allow "search by country" for a flight?

I came to know about Whichbudget, it's a website that allow search for flights by country. I mean you just enter from like "Germany" and to like "Belgium" and you get best offers from all airports ...
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Why do return flight costs vary depending on the country of origin?

I had planned for my wife, daughters and I to take a holiday from our home in China to the UK for a few weeks in July. Usually, when people visit us in China from the UK, the cost is around £450 to £...
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Searching for flights to "Anywhere" in narrow time frame

Is there any website that allows searching for (cheap) flight to any destination in a narrow time frame? Ideally I look for the cheapest flights while specifying only: Departure airport (bonus if ...
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When I know the airline, the flight number, and the airport at each end, but am very flexible with dates, how can I find the cheapest flights?

In my case the airline will be Aeromexico, and it would be from Shanghai, China to Tijuana, Mexico, and the flight numbers are AM98 and AM99. But the dates could be pretty much anywhere from August ...
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