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I've recently spent some time finding the cheapest fares for my journey and that got me thinking. Essentially I'm traveling UK <-> Tallinn (Estonia) anytime within the next 4 months for a week. ...
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How do I find cheap flights when I don't care about the date? [duplicate]

I more often than not don't really care about travel times, I would happily seek out the cheapest time within a 2-3 month period. All the online sites I come across give you the option to select a ...
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a webservice for finding the flights by country [duplicate]

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Is there a way to search for the cheapest flights regardless of date? [duplicate]

I find myself basing my trips on whenever there's a cheap flight, rather than setting a specific date to have a vacation. However, it makes it hard for me to do this if I can't search for the ...
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Finding all flights from an airport to a country [duplicate]

Is there a place to find all (or nearly all) flights going from a certain airport during a certain time period? If the "departure announcement board" at the airport was much longer (covering months ...
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Cheapest way to get from Germany to India and back with flexible dates [duplicate]

I want to travel to Vandenmedu, India from Bochum, Germany. Starting date would be around 20DEC15, return should be about 2 weeks later, i.e. 04JAN16 What bothers me: I am flexible in both start- ...
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Is it possible to do "Europe" -> "SFO" kind of search for airline tickets? [duplicate]

We know that you can do flexible search for multiple destinations for a specific date with a fixed source airport. For example, if you want to fly somewhere for a weekend from London, but don't care ...
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Find cheap flights with timeconstrains like any week-end [duplicate]

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Is there a flight booking site that allows no specific destination? [duplicate]

If I want to fly from departure location and return to departure location on specified date but no specific destination. Is there a flight booking site that allows no specific destination?
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