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Schengen visa for Thai wife residing in the UK with her British citizen husband

Apologies if this has been answered already but I couldn't quite find it. I am a UK citizen, my wife is a Thai citizen. We were married a year and a half ago in London, UK and she has a valid (...
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How can I get help understanding UK visa requirements?

There are already many questions on visa requirements to enter the UK, including transit visas and visitor visa for family members (e.g. Can a Thai national married to a UK citizen enter the UK freely?...
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Schengen visa for non-EU spouse of EU citizen

Most of the already posted questions were about traveling between EU countries. In my case I would like to visit Austria with my South African wife. We got married over 20 years ago in Austria, lived ...
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Non-EU spouse traveling to Europe: Do I need a visa for each country?

First off I know there a bunch of similar questions on the site - but I'm left very confused even after reading them. I've see the info on the site but I'm not entirely sure how to ...
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Do you need a visa to visit the UK for 5 days as an Ecuadorian citizen?

My boyfriend and I want to go visit my sister in the UK, I am English citizen with residence in Spain and he is from Ecuador and with residence in Spain too. Will he need an visa even though he is ...
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Visa on arrival in Italy for Chinese national travelling with UK spouse?

I am a UK national and my wife and son are Chinese nationals. We plan to go to Italy via Croatia. Croatia have confirmed that they will issue visas to my wife and son at the point of entry as long as ...
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US citizen husband visiting me in the UK

My husband (US citizen) is coming over from November 4th until Jan 21st 2015. Can we take a cruise holiday in Spain and then return to the UK for the remainder of his visit?
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Visa requirements for traveling to Germany as an Indian citizen/married to a German

I am a German citizen, my wife is an Indian national. We both live in the USA and are both permanent residents (green card holders) and are full-time employed. What type of permission is needed for ...
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Schengen dual citizen, non resident + Australia wife 6 month visit?

Given an Australian-Schengen area dual citizen who has an Australian single citizen wife is it possible for the couple to visit the Schengen area together for more than 90 days without taking up ...
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SA passport holder with Schengen visa 5 year multiple entry (EU family member) wishes to travel to EU without spouse [closed]

I'm a non EU passport holder and have a valid Schengen visa (5 year multiple entry). When I applied for the visa I applied as a spouse on a UK passport holder. Have traveled to EU several times with ...
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Schengen visa for Indonesian citizen traveling to Estonia to get married

So I (Estonian citizen) and my girlfriend (Indonesian) are living in Indonesia and planning to get married. We would like to get married in Estonia and then return to Indonesia. As I would imagine the ...
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