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Is 'individually' booking internationally connecting flights a good idea, in schengen area? [duplicate]

Let's say that I'm planning to visit Schengen country-A with an approved Schengen visa. I then find out that Booking my-country --flight to--> country-A is way more expensive then Booking ...
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Do I need a US visa to transit (or layover) through an American airport?

In Europe usually you don't need to go through immigration to change planes (unless you are entering/exiting Schengen). Is it the case in the US as well? May I catch a connecting flight on one of the ...
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Do I need a visa to transit (or layover) in the Schengen area?

I found many related questions on this site but I am still not sure about the rules. How can I decide if I need a visa to transit? Schengen members as of April 2024 are as follows: Austria Belgium ...
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Is there a way to find out if I need a transit visa for a layover in the UK?

Is there a website or some other way to find out if I need a transit visa for a short stop in the UK on my way somewhere else? Ideally this should give me the answer for all nationalities, and take ...
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Knock-on of different airline flight being cancelled on same booking

I'm eyeying up a flight booking. First from Auckland (AKL) to Sydney (SYD) with LAN Chile. Then 3 hours later, from Sydney to Vancouver (YVR) with Air Canada. However, LAN has a poor rating for ...
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Do I need a transit visa for a layover in the United Arab Emirates?

Do I need a transit visa for a layover via airports in the UAE, such as Dubai International Airport or Abu Dhabi International Airport? If so, what are the requirements for such a visa? Can I get the ...
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How to deal with too short transfer interval?

I got on the flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo via Beijing, and on the stopover, the scheduled time difference is 70 minutes. However, while the first flight arrived at the scheduled time, it took ...
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Issues with booking 2x round-trip tickets (with a 'fake' layover) instead of a multi-city ticket?

We're planning a short multi-city trip within Europe next month. Here's the basic trip, with a few days spent in Prague and Zurich: WARSAW, PL --> PRAGUE, CZ --> ZURICH, CH --> WARSAW, PL ...
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Finding **cheapest** fares from a country to country/city/airport (including non-guaranteed connections)? [duplicate]

I've recently spent some time finding the cheapest fares for my journey and that got me thinking. Essentially I'm traveling UK <-> Tallinn (Estonia) anytime within the next 4 months for a week. ...
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Should I take into account the transit time when booking with the same airline?

Should I take care about the transit time when booking a flight ticket with same airlines.Or Not! I am already booking with the same airline, and they should know that xx minutes are enough for the ...
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How do I search for connecting point-to-point flights?

There are often situations where buying two separate one-way tickets from A to C via B is cheaper than buying a normal multi-leg ticket. This can be especially useful with airlines such as Ryanair, ...
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Can I travel to a specific country by transitting at an intermediate country? [closed]

I'm planning to travel to Egypt this summer from San Francisco. As a poor student, of course I want to purchase a cheap ticket. So here is the breakdown: San Francisco (SFO) -> Alexandria (HBE): 592$...
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