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Is there any way that I can cancel UK visa Ban? [duplicate]

I am a Jordanian citizen and I applied for UK visa C for me and my husband to visit my daughter who has a temporary residency in UK. After applying for UK-Visa, my husband got his visa and I got 10 ...
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UK visa refusal and ban [duplicate]

I made an application for a UK visa for my 72-year-old mother-in-law. The main reason was for her to come and celebrate with us my son's 2nd birthday, since she hasn't ever met the grandchildren. I ...
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I answered incorrectly to "Have you ever been refused a visa?" in my UK Tier 4 visa application form [duplicate]

I made a huge mistake. My application is submitted and biometrics are done. Application is on it's way to UKVI. I answered "No" when I should have answered "Yes". In 2015, I was ...
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I overstayed my post study work Visa and was removed from the UK with a 2 year ban. How can this be overturned [duplicate]

I overstayed my Post study work Visa (having lived and worked in the UK legally for 8years) because I had just been divorced and didn't have the wherewithal to immediately relocate to in my home ...
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Visa refued for not disclosing 12 years old Rejection from Uk [duplicate]

I applied for a UK visitor visa, I thought I had all my document straight forward disclosing all required information. When it came to question have you been rejected Visa, I was wrongly adviced by ...
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Second refusal of UK academic visit visa [duplicate]

I am from Palestine and I have applied for a business academic visa and got refused due to financial and personal issues. Photo of refusal attached. I have submitted another application in which I ...
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How to answer "Have you ever been refused a visa?" if I've had a refusal overturned

A few years ago, I applied for a UK visa. The visa was initially refused and I had no rights of appeal. However, the refusal letter had some glaring mistakes and I sent an email to the Embassy. The ...
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UK Standard Visitor visa refusal: what went wrong?

My husband was to travel to attend my graduation ceremony in UK after many pleas from me. He is a productively busy businessman with a successful growing company and part time job. The visa ...
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Standard Visitor visa refusal (Deception, V3.6(b)) and procedure for reapplying

My mother acquired a criminal record in UK in 2010 when she was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and charged £85. This time while applying the on-line applications for her, I accidentally ...
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Should I mention my previous Italian Schengen visa refusal in a new UK visa application? [duplicate]

My Schengen visa to Italy was refused in 2013; I had a previous passport back then which I no longer use. I don’t remember if there was any document attached with the reason for refusal, except for a ...
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Do the governments of United Kingdom and USA share immigration data?

My brother applied for a US visa in 2008 with a fake document and it was refused on those grounds. In 2015, he got the visas of and traveled to two Schengen countries on another passport. He intends ...
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UK Standard Visitor Visa refusal due to funds parking and deception. What are my options?

I have been recently refused a visit visa to UK. There are couple of reasons, which are quite obvious. I did not provide the authorities some proper proofs which could have supported my application, ...
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Can my 10 year ban be overridden by my new Canadian citizenship?

In my visitor's visa application I made an error in answering a question of Do I have family living in the UK? At the time my daughter (who I traveled with to the UK) was still in the UK when I went ...
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UK visa refused under 3.6 a of Appendix V (deception)

I got a refusal under 3.6 a of Appendix V due to failure of checking the previous denial that I had 8 years ago. I changed the passport 2 times since then and have travelled to many countries and ...
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UK Family Visitor Visa refused on account of having a criminal conviction, however I've never actually had one. What are my options?

I have been travelling to the UK since 1978. Together with my wife I've applied for a visitor visa as the last one was expiring on 08/07/2016. Since 2001 to 2016 I got my UK visa 7 times. There was a ...
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