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Is it possible to enter the UK with a child on an Accompanied visa and then leave alone? [duplicate]

I was supposed to leave for Scotland with a group of children for a course tonight, but upon reaching the airport I was told that my visa was an Accompanied Child visa, and I could not travel without ...
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can my 15-year-old brother leave the UK to go back to his home country without being accompanied by the stated accompanied person in his UK visa? [duplicate]

My younger brother, who is 15, is going to visit me in the UK with my dad as the adult accompanying him. But my dad is only going for two weeks and my brother will go back 2 weeks after him. They are ...
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Can my 15 year old son travel back alone to home country (India) from the UK? [duplicate]

My son got a child visit visa for the UK; he accompanied me while entering the UK. Now, can he travel back to our home country (India) without being accompanied?
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Can child under 18 with grandparents exit Uk without grandparents? [duplicate]

My query is to find out if a child (Under 18) is travelling with his grandparent, upon entry I understand he needs to make with his grandparent, as his visa will have the name of The grandparent. My ...
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Entering in an accompanied visa but then separating [duplicate]

Is it ok If we enter the country together however the adult leaves them in the state to go travel?
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Can I leave UK without the person that is on my visa? [duplicate]

I’m a minor 17 and I’m from Peru. I have requested a visa for the UK for a short-term study less than 6 months and I didn’t realize that they wrote in there only acc by/ father/. I’ll be entry the ...
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I am a minor with accompanied visa [duplicate]

I am a minor with accompanied visa.The parent who is displayed on a visa is traveling with me but will leave UK earlier than me.Will I be granted entry and is it a problem?
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Can I travel alone on a UK Child Visit visa?

I am 16 years old. I have got UK visit accompanied with my parents only. Now I have to travel alone to UK next week. Can I go with the same visa? Kindly advice me.
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Transiting from the US through the UK on a Child Visitor visa

I have a UK child visitor visa but I have to transit through the UK from USA. Is this possible if I'm going alone?
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Can my 13 year old sister travel back to her country (India) unaccompanied? [duplicate]

Me and my sister (13 years old), are traveling to the UK and my sister has an accompanied visa. Is it possible for my sister to travel back to her country (India) unaccompanied with airlines escort ...
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