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How to hitchhike on a cargo ship from India to say somewhere like Africa or Mediterranean? [duplicate]

How to hitchhike on a cargo ship from India to say somewhere like Africa or Mediterranean? What will be the requirements and cost to travel alone? Is this possible at all?
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Traveling to Japan from the USA avoiding air travel? [duplicate]

This may be a bit of an odd question, but is it possible to make it to Japan without using an airplane. I have an inner ear disease and the last time I flew, it literally left me incapacitated for a ...
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Is it possible to travel on cargo airplanes?

Some time ago I heard someone telling about travelling in cargo planes. Apparently some of those planes have a limited amount of extra seats and companies would sell them for an extra profit. Does ...
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France to USA by ship

I would like to travel from France to USA (ideally New York) with a ship. I want to use a ship because I have a long-term flying phobia; I know this is the root problem that I should solve, but this ...
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Crossing the Atlantic by sailing boat, South America to Europe

For a while now I was harbouring the idea to cross the Atlantic not by plane but by any sort of oceangoing transport, in an attempt to travel slowly, reflect upon my time in South America and getting ...
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How can I get to Iceland on a cargo ship?

Planning a low budget and environment friendly trip to Iceland from Helsinki, Finland next summer for me and my friend. Haven't been able to find relevant information on possibility for cargo travel (...
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From France west coast to Portugal via ship?

I'd like to go to Portugal from France west coast (example: Brest or Nantes / Saint-Nazaire). Of course we can go there by car, but: I'd like to avoid the 2 days driving for 1562 km (Saint-Nazaire ...
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How long does it take to get US from South Korea by Container Ship?

I would like to know how many day will it take to get US from South Korea. Before asking, I check in google and other websites. But, I didn't find any answers. Could anyone guess me how many days it ...
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Can you travel around the world by ferries with a car?

I was trying to figure it out, and It's a tough one, I think it's not possible, but then many questions jump to mind: How close can you get? And if there isn't a ferry, would it be possible to jump on ...
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What is the cheapest way to get from South America to Australia?

What is the cheapest way to get from South America to Australia? I found several flights mostly from Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, however the prices are quite prohibitive. Do you recommend ...
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From Portugal or Spain to the United States by cargo ship

I want to travel to the USA by cargo ship from either Portugal or Spain. Is it possible? How much does it cost? Is it possible that I can also have any job on the cargo ship while travelling to ...
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Travel by sea from Kochi to New York

I was wondering if it would be possible to travel from India to the United States by sea. Here are the considerations I had in mind: Is this even possible? Which companies offer passenger cruises? ...
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Annular Solar Eclipse - Adak Island, May 2012: Airfare help?

I want to take a flight to Adak island (or a ferry) for the May 2012 solar eclipse. All the flights from CHI to ADK on state them as fully booked. This is, most likely, due to many ...
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Travel to Faroe Island by cargo ship

A while ago I met a person who claimed to have traveled from Denmark to Faroe Island on a cargo ship. Is this really possible? How could I find a ship that could host me?
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Are there ferries from Europe to Djibouti?

I would like to take a ship from Europe to Djibouti, as I will study there for the next 4 months in Ethiopia. As for traveling, I would really like to go by ship, rather than flying. Could I work ...
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