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How a round-trip ticket with a transfer is cheaper than a round-trip ticket to the transfer city itself? [duplicate]

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Why is the ticket from an airport further away half the cost? [duplicate]

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Europe to USA: How come a detour within Star Alliance cuts the price in half? [duplicate]

I just found out that going round trip FRA to SFO directly with Lufthansa is 1100 Euro, while Turkish Airlines (layover in IST) will charge only about 600 Euro. On the flip side, going round trip IST ...
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Why is a direct flight twice as expensive as a flight with 1 stop where the stop is the same city as the destination of the direct flight? [duplicate]

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Why cost of flights from canada to middle east equals to flight from canada to west europe? [duplicate]

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Why is it cheaper to fly to Mumbai, connecting through LHR, than it is to fly to LHR? [duplicate]

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How come a flight is cheaper with an extra stop? [duplicate]

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One-way flight much more expensive than double-way: what is the official airlines' explanation?

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boarding flight at intermediate stop

Suppose I book a flight ticket from place A to place B. This flight has a stop at place C. Is it possible/allowed for me to board the flight at place C instead of place A? If it is necessary, place ...
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