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UK visa refused do to lack of economic ties in the UK. What are my options? [duplicate]

Based on advice given on the forum. I have applied and was refused and below is the wordings of my refusal word for word. the decision I have refused your application for a visit visa ...
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My Wife and kids Uk visa refusal [duplicate]

I am going to Uk to play cricket as an Amateur Player from last 2 years. This year also i got my visa. This time after my visa approval, the club inviting me were happy to invite my Wife and kids aged ...
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Funding requirements when applying for a PLAB visa after a previous UK Standard Visitor visa rejection [duplicate]

I applied for a UK Standard Visitor visa a couple of months ago and was refused because I did not submit bank statements from the sponsor who had provided me with funds as pocket money/gift. Now, I ...
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What do I need to apply for a UK visa [duplicate]

I am a Jamaican who lives and works for the government as an educator in Japan. I would like to travel to the UK for several reasons. Even though I have a 10 year U.S. visa, as a black woman, I do ...
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UK visa refusal on V 4.2 a + c (and sometimes 'e')

Many of the UK visa refusals we see here share a common pattern and the prevailing reasons refer to V 4.2 (a) and (c). I do understand that, while the applicants may describe very different ...
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I have been denied a visa several times in a row. How does one deal with such serial refusals?

Over the course of time here on TSE, I have observed individuals whose pattern of visa applications is best described as 'serial refusals'... serial refusals - Two or more consecutive visa refusals ...
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After being refused entry and removed from Heathrow, can I visit England?

I'm currently on a 3-month visitor visa in Denmark. A few weeks ago, I bought a return ticket and flew to London to meet my British boyfriend. On my arrival at Heathrow, I was detained for almost 6 ...
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UK Visa Refusal: Provenance of funds/parking

I have applied recently for a general visitor visa to the UK to spend 10 days during Christmas with my British unmarried partner and it has been turned down. The Entry Clearance Officer stated on ...
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Will a British bank allow a British citizen an account denominated in U.S. dollars?

I am planning a trip to the USA, for which I will need spending money. I have a brokerage account that is denominated in U.S. dollars and I would like, if possible, to use the proceeds from this so ...
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UK student visitor visa refused, even though I am financed by a government scholarship

I believe my question is not a duplicate of another question. In that question their trip is funded by their father. In mine - not. I don't have a family sponsor but European Commision and Erasmus ...
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Best way to deal with UK immigration - US citizen

Friend will be travelling for the first time in Europe and specifically the UK. Being a US citizen he can theoretically stay up to 6 months so he would stay for a few months as my guest. I am a girl. ...
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What more should I add when applying for a Standard Visitor visa to attend British Army assessment?

I am a university student from Ghana and have an invitation letter from the British Army to attend assessment in the month of February (20th-22nd). I have a bank account with savings containing Gh9,...
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How does UK Visa application define a dependent?

I'm using the Visa4UK website to fill up Standard Visit Visa forms for our family of 4. It's I, Mom, Dad and a Brother. My Dad provides for us all and he would also cover the entire cost of the trip. ...
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Refused UK Visit visa for lack of sufficient funds - What more can I do?

I've been refused a Visitor visa for UK twice back-to-back because I haven't provided enough evidence of my personal circumstances. Some of my background: My nationality is Albanian but I've been ...
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What financial documents are required for a UK Standard Visitor visa?

I am applying for a Standard Visitor visa to attend my graduation ceremony in the UK. I have the invitation letter from the university and my father is sponsoring the visit. Apart from bank ...
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