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Schengen visa for month with 15 days of maximum stay [duplicate]

I have a visa for a month with 15 days of maximum stay starting from September 5 until October 4. I will be traveling to a Schengen state on September 15 until 29. Am I allowed to stay until the end ...
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Schengen visa confusion [duplicate]

I received my Schengen visa today from the French Embassy. I wrote in my application that I will stay for 14 days. They gave me 1 month (valid from 23-10-18 until 21-11-18) but on the side it says ...
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How long can I stay in Finland? [duplicate]

The Embassy of Finland gave me a visa valid from 10.10.2018 to 29.11.2018, but the number of days is 50. When will I have to leave Finland?
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Schengen C multiple-entry visa by Poland [duplicate]

I have a multiple l-entry Schengen C visa obtained on the basis of my sponsor friend in Poland. When I applied for a visa Isubmitted an itinerary for 29 September to 8 October, and the embassy granted ...
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Leaving Paris with expired schengen visa [duplicate]

My visa is valid until 27 May, My return to Philippines (from Paris) is 30th. Is this okay to exit schengen state even my visa already expired? still I did not breach the 90/180 rule right?
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travelling before schengen visa expires [duplicate]

I have a Schengen visa from French embassy valid between 25-05 to 10-06-2019 for the stay of 15 days. I want to travel on 6th June for 10 days. That is 6th June to 16th June, is it ok or do I have to ...
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Extending stay by a day in Schengen region [duplicate]

I have a Schengen visa (single entry) which is valid from 22nd September to 30th October. When I had applied, I had written that I plan to leave the Schengen region on 14th (Friday). However, I am ...
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Staying in Europe after Schengen visa expires [duplicate]

I am traveling to Amsterdam and then Dusseldorf and Brussels for about 20 days. My Schengen visa expires one week after the date of entry. Is this allowed, or should I apply for another Schengen visa?
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Schengen visa validity [duplicate]

I have a schengen visa validity from 13\6\2018 until 27\6\2018 and the duration of stay is 15 days , if i enter to schengen area at 20\6\2018 can i stay 15 days count start from enter means leaving on ...
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Schengen visa duration of stay: can it be longer than what is quoted on the visa if the visa is valid? [duplicate]

The duration of stay on my visa is 43 days but it is valid for 58 days. Can I extend my stay for another 8-10 days? It is a single-entry visa.
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schengen visa duration on stay is less than visa validity [duplicate]

Hi got my schengen visa for 3 weeks validity but duration of stay shows 10 days, how long i can stay 10 days or 3 weeks please help
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Should my first trip be to the country which issued my Schengen Visa?

In case I get a multiple-entry Schengen visa in one of the embassies in Ukraine, Kyiv, should my first trip be to the country that issued the visa? Any there any requirements of the sort? Does this ...
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Is the Romanian Visit visa (C/VV) expiry date the last day I can cross the border or the last day I can stay?

Is the expiry date on that visit visa the last day I can cross the Romanian border, or is it the last day I can stay in Romania, in which I have to leave the country before expiry? I've seen people ...
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Schengen multivisa - duration each 180 days or total? [closed]

assuming a person has a Schengen Visa with MULT number of entries, duration of stay for 30 days and it's valid over a year. Is the "duration of stay" limited for each 180 days a year, or is it the ...
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Am I in trouble? I found out I stayed more than my allowed Schengen visa duration of stay!

I am a UK student who visited Italy in July of this year. The validity of my visa was for one month, with multiple entries. The date of entry was 6/7/22 (Pisa) and the date of exit was 26/7/22 (...
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