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Why do cheap flights with a layover get more expensive when you split them up into separate flights? [duplicate]

I have found some cheap flights from London to Tokyo on Google Flights which I plan to purchase. However, the flight has a layover - the legs are London to Moscow, then Moscow to Tokyo. I thought ...
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The plane is half empty yet the ticket price has risen [duplicate]

Consider this as an example: The flight below which is two days from now is half empty. However, the price has risen considerably during last week. Why did this happen? If the plane is half empty why ...
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How can the same flight cost less one leg earlier? [duplicate]

I am booking a round-trip flight to the United States and found that I can save up to 700 euro on a 1200+ euro ticket if I board the same plane one leg earlier. On the flight company's website a ...
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Why are direct flights more expensive than connecting [duplicate]

I am an American living in Tokyo. I plan to go back to the US (NYC) to visit my family and for Christmas and New Year. Flights from Tokyo Narita to JFK on ANA (return) are $1,400. Of course this is ...
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Why are flights from some countries much cheaper than others? [duplicate]

I live in Resistencia, about 350Km away from Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. And about 1000Km away from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, my own country. Let's assume I want to go to Miami. ...
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Why are flights out of Boston cheaper? [duplicate]

I was looking at flights out of Baltimore (BWI) to different places; France, Spain, etc. then on one of the bundle sites, it showed the same flight out of Boston (BOS) for less than half the price. ...
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What mechanisms are in place for online travel agents access very cheap airline tickets? [duplicate]

I have recently booked an almost last minute flight within Europe. I got prices, for the absolute same flight, that range from under 30€ to more than 200€. Variations of ~30€ are kind of normal but ...
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Why are flights for shorter trips more expensive than for long ones? [duplicate]

Lufthansa charges me almost double the price for departing and returning flights, if they are only one day apart, than if I would stay yet another day or two. Why is this? I find this extremely ...
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Does blocking of ticket impacts Air fare? [duplicate]

As i discussed with travel agent, he was willing to block an international flight ticket with a low fare for 3-4 days. Now in such cases where ticket is blocked and then released if person decides ...
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Why is this one-way flight more expensive than round trip? [duplicate]

Why is this one way flight from Paris to Toronto is significantly more expensive than the same trip that includes a round trip? If anything the round trip should be more expensive because it's the ...
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Why is it sometimes cheaper to connect via an airport than to finally fly to that airport? [duplicate]

You can fly from Vienna (VIE) to Addis Ababa (ADD) for 526€. However, flying from Vienna (VIE) to Cape Town (CPT) connecting through Addis Ababa (ADD) is only 419€. So when flying to ADD, it is ...
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Why does a UK-US-UK ticket not cost the same whether booked in the US or UK? [duplicate]

Why does a UK-US-UK ticket not cost the same whether booked in the US or UK? I have both US and UK credit cards, so it doesn't matter to me, but it seems absurd that the LGW-TPA-LGW ticket I just ...
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How to find historical airfares?

Is there a way to find out how much it would have cost to buy a particular airplane ticket at some point in the past? For example, how could I find out how much it would have cost to buy a one-way ...
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The same flight ticket got much cheaper a few days later. How come?

I booked my flight a couple of months ahead using the AirAsia website to avoid a price increase but now the same ticket is considerably lower on the same website. I felt deceived about my purchase. ...
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How often do airlines change fares that are already filed?

Are airlines constantly modifying/removing and/or adding fares for city pairs as part of their revenue management strategy, or they only modify the availability for different fare buckets in order to ...
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