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Civil Union Partner with Family Permit approved travelling with EEA member - Customs Queue [duplicate]

My Family Member permit was approved - Civil Union Partnership with separate Surnames. Can I join my partner at the EU Customs queue when entering the UK?
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UK Immigration and EU and Non EU Passport Couple [duplicate]

We are a same sex married couple, my husband has a Singaporean passport and I have an EU/UK passport... Can he join me in the EU line at immigration when we visit in September ? The last time we ...
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Can non-EU wife (Leave to Remain Visa) queue with British citizen at LHR? [duplicate]

My wife is Mexican whilst I am British. We recently married and she has a Spousal/Partner Visa (Leave to Remain) I presumed that when returning from a holiday to Mexico, my wife would have to queue ...
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Can a non-EU citizen with residency visa traveling with me come with me through the EU passport line, when entering Schengen area?

I’m doing some travelling with my mate in a few weeks and I was wondering if, to save time, he could come through the Schengen border through the EU Line with me even though he is not a citizen? I’m a ...
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I am British, my children hold EU passports, which queue should we join at an EU airport?

I have checked this question and this question as well, but neither fits our case. My children are SEND if that makes any difference.
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Train passport control from London to Paris

I'm a non-EU citizen, I will be travelling from London to Paris next month, so I was wondering since most countries track entry and leave dates, if I use the train to switch these countries and they ...
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What happens when someone inadvertently enters the UK without a landing interview?

As a follow-on question to Which queue for an unmarried EU/non-EU couple travelling through UK Immigration Control together? for a question that arose in the commentary... There may remain several ...
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Can my wife join me in the EU immigration queue to enter the UK, or can I join her in the non-EU queue?

I've seen this question, but the situation there is (as suggested by the answers) different to mine because the question pertains to an EU national's girlfriend. The accepted answer states that ...
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Are EEA nationals allowed to use the non-EEA queue at UK airports?

I just (half an hour ago) entered the UK at Stansted airport, and the EEA queue at immigration was absolutely packed (it would have taken at least an hour to get through), whereas the non-EEA queue ...
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Can a Non-EEA passport holder with a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), who accompany EEA family, join the EEA queue at UK borders?

Can a Non-EEA passport holder with a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), who accompany an EEA family member(/s), join the EEA queue at UK borders? I note that there have been several questions relating ...
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