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Is it legal to work remotely in the UK for a non-UK based company? [duplicate]

Assuming a non-EU citizen is visiting the UK on a Standard Visitor Visa (or entered the UK without a visa, if their nationality doesn't require one), can they work remotely for a foreign company? If ...
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Which countries would allow me to remote work while I am travelling there [duplicate]

I am planning to go travelling extensively for the next few months. I am employed in a company that allows me to work remotely, I can do my job from any place that has an internet connection. The ...
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Is working from a laptop when travelling to countries with a tourist visa formally illegal all over the world? [duplicate]

I have never came across a state that allows "working" (in the meaning of a "doing a job") in its vicinity for tourist visa holders but I have came across many countries that don't allow it. And yet, ...
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Do I need a visa to work for my company in Europe whilst holidaying in New Zealand? [duplicate]

My Europe-based company has offered to allow me to work during my holidays in New Zealand which would really help out. I go there the 1st June. Do I need a special visa or is a tourist one OK?
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Can I travel to the USA while working remotely for my non-US employer?

I would like to travel in the USA for a period of 3 - 6 months. But I want to spend some time working for my employer (remote work) and getting paid by the employer. Is this possible under a tourist ...
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US citizen previously refused entry into the UK and been refused for visa. What to do now?

I'm so highly confused but maybe you guys can help me. My girlfriend lives in Bristol, United Kingdom, shes a British Citizen while I'm American. I'm not very good at explaining myself so beware but ...
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What's the smallest non-capital city with a foreign consulate?

As an example, the city of Haifa (population 280k) has a Russian consulate in addition to the main embassy in Tel Aviv. The Haifa consulate is full fledged and can issue visas, not just an honorary ...
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Transit through US without being a resident of any country

Since this year, 2022, I am not a resident of Germany anymore. I am officially unregistered, and I haven't visited my home country since then. That doesn't mean that I gave up citizenship, however. I ...
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Should I tell the truth in the visa interview?

I have a US B1/B2 visa interview soon. They are given for 10 years here. The interviewer is going to ask me why I want to go to the US. I'm not sure how to respond to that. Is it a good idea to the ...
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Which countries, if any, offer on-arrival work visas?

After seeing this question I began wondering - are there countries that say, Aussies or Kiwis (or anyone else) can get a work visa on arrival, or while in the country? The best I've found is this: ...
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How many smartphones can I take on an airplane?

I'm a software developer and I need multiple different mobile devices for testing and debugging purposes. I also work on-the-go sometimes, so this is important. Furthermore, not everything can be ...
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Can I work remotely for a non-Singapore employer while visiting Singapore?

I am planning to visit Singapore for 2-3 weeks, purely for tourism. However, I work for a U.S. employer. So, can I work remotely for my US employer while visiting Singapore?
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Refused entry to UK, not sure what to do

I'm a writer and theater/film director who has been traveling nearly all my life without incident. In February, I decided to pull up stakes in NYC and move to London. I am a freelancer and I'm working ...
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Can I make repeated 90-day trips to a single Schengen country?

I recall someone saying that you can't go to the same Schengen country as a tourist for 3 months over and over even if you don't overstay a trip, because immigration thinks that it's suspicious for ...
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Remote Working While Travelling - Visa Requirements?

I am considering leaving my day job to concentrate on setting up my own business. As my business is online based, I can work from anywhere and do not need a physical office. As such, I'm considering ...
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