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Can entry into US just before visa expires create any problems? [duplicate]

My mother's visa is expiring soon. I am intending to take her to USA on a one month trip but I am fearful, her entry into USA when her visa is expiring that soon may cause problems? Note that I have ...
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B1/B2 visa expiry date [duplicate]

My B1/B2 visa expires on August 14, and I have to stay in the US from August 14 to 17. I want to apply for a new visa for these dates. Will the embassy give me a new visa or they will ask me to travel ...
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USA tourist visa first time entry date [duplicate]

Do I have to enter USA within first 6 months after visa issued date . I am on tourist visa ?
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My B1/B2 visa expires on Jun 7th, 2016, looking to enter US on Jun 6th 2016 [duplicate]

My B1/B2 visa expires on Jun 7th, 2016. I'm intending to enter US on Jun 6th for a training session and return to my country (MEX) on Jun 9th. Passport is valid until 2019. Is there a risk that CBP ...
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Validity of status in USA after expiration of visa [duplicate]

If I enter the USA before the expiration of a ten-year multiple-entry visa, can I stay after the date of expiration of the visa?
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Will there be any issue with re-entry to US with H1B visa set to expire in 4 months? [duplicate]

I am planning to take a 1 week trip outside the US in April 2018. My H1B visa expires first week of September 2018. I just want to know if there will be any issue at port of entry in the US with 4 ...
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Traveling to the US on a visa that is soon to expire [duplicate]

I am traveling to the US with my daughter in May 2018. Her US visa expires in October 2018. We are back in our home country in a month. Does she have to have at least 6 months left on her visa at the ...
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Can I cross into USA on the day my visa expires [duplicate]

My wife is a (Mexican national) her visa expires on June 3rd, can she cross into the US from Mexico on that day? Or does her Visa expire at midnight on the 2nd or midnight on the 3rd? We will be ...
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What does under two years old mean?

I'm looking at rooms at and regarding the price to add one extra child they often write something like: All children under two years old stay free of charge for childrens cots/cribs. I'm ...
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Is leaving at 21:55 on the day before a B-1 visa expires considered overstaying? [duplicate]

I am on a B-1 US visa and have been here for nearly six months. My passport is stamped till 9th November. I am leaving to go home on 8th November at 9:55pm. Will this be overstaying the visa as it is ...
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When traveling on a tourist Chinese visa, can you stay past the "final" date?

I know with the visas of certain countries you can enter right up to the last day stamped on the visa and still stay for the full duration permitted by the visa, say 30 or 90 days etc. Is this the ...
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Entering US a few days before B1/B2 visa expiration date

Can I travel to the US on May 16 or 17 if my B1/B2 visa expires on May 18? The reason being I could not travel early due to a busy work schedule.
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"Valid until" stamp done at USA immigration meaning

I have a valid US visitors visa. Does the "valid until date" stamp done at immigration include that date? Can I be in the US on that date or should I leave the US before that date?
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Can I spend New Years in the United States if my visa expires on Dec 30, 2016 and enter a month before (December 1)? [duplicate]

I would like to clarify a few things regarding my situation. You see, on August 9, 2016 I received back my passport with my US Visa on it. And as I saw, it stated that the visa is due to expire on Dec ...
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US business visa related doubts

I would be applying for a US Business visa to attend a Salesforce conference in San Francisco. I refer to business visa FAQ from US immigration but it doesn't answer my following doubts. I will get ...
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