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Which country to apply schengen visa when staying for equal number of days in 2 countries and port of entry is 3rd country? [duplicate]

I will be travelling to France and Switzerland with Family. Stay in both France and Switzerland is 5 days. As I am travelling through Lufthansa my port of entry and exit is Germany but I am not ...
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Where do I apply for Schengen Visa? [duplicate]

I'll be travelling to Europe from 30th May to 13th June. I plan on reaching Vienna on the morning of 30th and leaving for Prague on 2nd July. From there, I'll travel to Krakow on 5th July. From there ...
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From which Consulate should I apply for Schengen Visa? [duplicate]

My itinerary is as described below: 22nd December - Land in Paris ( 9 am) 26th December - Leave from Paris in evening via Bus (5 Days) 27th December - Arrive at Zurich in Morning, Stay till 1st ...
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Where to apply for a Schengen visa? [duplicate]

My Iterinary is as follows: Italy - (4 days, 4 nights), Austria - (2 days, 2 nights), Switzerland - (5 days, 4 nights). I am trying to book a Schengen visa appointment at the Italian embassy, but ...
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Regarding visa to Finland [duplicate]

I am living in India. I have a conference in Finland from 26 June to 1 July 2022 and also a workshop in Switzerland from 4 July to 8 July 2022. Although my first entry is Finland but can I take ...
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Should I apply my Schengen visa at the French or Swiss Embassy? [duplicate]

I have a question regarding my Schengen visa application for a personal trip. I am very confused and the Swiss Embassy employee I met today in my visa appointment claimed that I cannot apply for the ...
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Where should I apply for schengen visa? [duplicate]

I am going to be visiting Europe this July specifically the countries of Sweden (4-5 days), Italy (6 days), Malta (1 day) and Switzerland (3 days). I had originally booked my visa appointment at the ...
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Schengen Visa - Main destination [duplicate]

My friends and I are visiting the Schengen area, specifically Italy (1.5 days, 2 nights), France (3 days, 3 nights) and Belgium (3.5 days, 3 nights), in that order. Assuming that the duration of the ...
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Which embassy to apply for schengen visa [duplicate]

My partner needs to apply for a schengen visa (double entry), we land in france and will spend 4 days and four nights there, then fly out of the schengen area for 18 days then fly back to spain where ...
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Should I apply for a Spanish or Italian visa? [duplicate]

I am Indian, travelling to Spain (Madrid 2 nights, Barcelona 3 nights) and then to Italy (Venice 2 nights. Florence 2 nights, Rome 3 nights). Which visa should I apply for?
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Schengen Travel Visa [duplicate]

One of my friends wants to visit me in Austria. We have made a plan to visit other countries too (Poland, Italy, CZ, SK, etc.). In which consulate should he apply for the Schengen visa? He is going ...
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Does a multiple-entry Schengen visa allow visiting other Schengen countries later, without going via the issuing country?

My wife was just issued a multiple entry visa by France, which is good for one year. Our first trip will be to France, the issuing country. My question is: after we leave the EU and return, must ...
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Applying for a Schengen visa from wrong country due to lack of appointments

I am planning to go to Amsterdam on May 20, 2018 from New Delhi, India. However, when I tried to apply for a visa appointment with the Netherlands VFS in Delhi, the earliest appointment date was May 9....
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Will not stay longest to the issuing country - Schengen Visa

Can somebody help me with my dilemma: My wife and I were issued a tourist Schengen Visa by the French embassy. We applied through them because our initial plan was that we will stay in France the ...
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Should I apply again on German Embassy?

I am a businessman. I had applied UK tourist visa in 2017 along with my wife which were refused. Then later in December 2017 I had applied German Visa without my wife for business. Which were also ...
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