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Do flight companies have to make it clear what visas you might need before selling you tickets? [duplicate]

Is there any legal requirement for companies selling flight tickets to tell their customers what Visas they may need for the flight? If they make it sound like, via omission, that you don't need any ...
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Do Airline Ticket Offices have to Inform customers of visa requirements when purchasing tickets? [duplicate]

We purchased tickets at Air Asia's ticket office in Yangon Myanmar for travel to Australia, with a flight change to New Zealand. As UK passport holders, we were not informed we needed visa's to ...
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Can I claim compensation if I was refused boarding for lack of proper visa? [duplicate]

I booked travel on British Airways to fly from Stockholm to India with a transit at London Heathrow Airport. At the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, I was refused boarding as I didn't have the required UK ...
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Whose job is to check if the passenger has a valid visa to the destination he is travelling to? [duplicate]

Is it the airport security at the country you flying from? I highly doubt it because I have been to countries where it's so corrupted that you buy the airport officials for the price of a dinner. Is ...
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Is that my problems? If travel agent didn't ask me to get transit visa? [duplicate]

As above picture - brought a return flight ticket from London to buenos aires and transit at JFK airport. I didn't know a transit visa is needs until I went to check in today at Gatwick airport. The ...
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My question is should an airline staff have checked the visa before issuing a ticket? [duplicate]

My brother bought a ticket directly from an airline office. He is a US citizen, but when he arrived at the airport, the airport staff offloaded him and gave the reason as his Pakistani visa was ...
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Do travel agents have to advise and check the visa status including transit visa before selling a ticket?

We have bought tickets via a travel agent. The flight was from US to country X via Canada. Upon check-in, 24 hours before the flight, I have learned that I have to have a transit visa if I am having a ...
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I wasn't allowed to travel internationally because of Transit Visa. Is it a legit reason for not using my tickets?

On November 28th, 2014, in Moscow, the airport Domodedovo, I had my valid ticket to the U.S. going through Moscow-Frankfurt => Frankfurt-Toronto => Toronto-Minneapolis, MN. I hold a F-1 U.S. visa, ...
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How do I know if I need a transit visa when the ticket is purchased online?

Some countries had weird rules, like Saudi Arabia. Recently, I purchased a tick to the US from Pakistan with a layover in Saudi Arabia. On the way out, it was a 11:30-hour layover and I had no issue. ...
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The airline allowed us to travel to our destination without checking our visas. Who is at fault for the incurred expenses?

OK, I will try and stick to the facts to explain this whole situation. I would really appreciate everyone's comments: Me (Irish passport) my wife (Filipino passport) and 2 year old twins (Irish ...
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Was it legal to restrict access to USA when holding a valid ESTA and visiting Canada for 6 months?

I try to find "legality" of following situation: Mom (75, Slovak citizen) was traveling from Slovakia to Vancouver (Kosice-Vienna-Newark-Vancouver). The reason was to stay as visitor in Vancouver for ...
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What happens when an airline carries a passenger with the wrong classification of visa?

Unknown to the passenger, the embassy had issued the wrong classification of visa and this was not noticed by the airline resulting in the immigration officer refusing entry. The classification ...
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Traveling to Brazil on different passports [duplicate]

I am a new US citizen and need to use my US passport to travel to Brazil since I need to show proof of residency and I no longer have my green card that goes with my Cyprus passport. However, I can ...
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