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Do I need a UK or Ireland transit visa when flying from the US to a Schengen country? [duplicate]

I am travelling to Budapest and therefore have a Schengen Visa. I hold an Indian passport and a valid US visa. I'm travelling from Chicago-Heathrow-Budapest and returning by Budapest-Dublin-Chicago. ...
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London Heathrow airport - do I need a transit visa? [duplicate]

I am traveling from the US to India via London Heathrow on November 6. I will be at LHR on 7th at 6:20 am and departing at 9:25 pm. I'm an Indian national and have a valid US visa. Do I need a ...
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UK Transit Visa from USA to India [duplicate]

I'm traveling to India from the US for my H1 stamping. I'm planning to go via the UK (LHR). I'm changing my visa status from F1 (visa expires in 2015) to H1. Is my visa valid to qualify for a transit ...
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Is transit visa required for London, UK when travelling from USA to India while on expired US visa? [duplicate]

I am an indian national, currently staying in USA. My current H1B Visa has expired and I am planning to travel back to india via London, UK. Will I require an airside transit Visa for London?
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Do I need UK Transit Visa from India to USA with valid US Visa [duplicate]

I will be travelling to Phoenix, USA via London with valid US Visa and onwards journey boarding pass with Indian Passport. I have 18+ hours layover in London. I want to know How likely is to get the ...
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As a Philippine passport holder, can I transfer from Heathrow terminal five to three without a visa? [duplicate]

I would like to know if I need a transit visa if I transfer from Heathrow terminal 5 to three. I will only be staying there two hours as I will be flying to Geneva. I am a Philippine passport holder.
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Do I need a transit visa for UK for self-transfer in Manchester and Gatwick Airport [duplicate]

My sister and I are travelling from Amsterdam to Reykjavik, iceland with a "self-transfer" in Manchester for 3 hour. We are only bring our hand-luggage, so no need to claimed any luggage in ...
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Do I need UK transit visa to move from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5 Heathrow? [duplicate]

I (Indonesian) have a possible travel itinerary from Japan to Berlin via UK Heathrow airport. From the airline website it says that I need to move from Terminal 3 (arrival from Japan) to Terminal 5 of ...
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UK visa exemptions residence permit EEA [duplicate]

Do i need a transit visa for a flight that goes from Belgium to Ecuador and has a stop on London? I have a Belgian Residence Permit valid for a year because I'm a student, I have only the Residence ...
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Transit VISA for US from India via London [duplicate]

I know this is a kind of duplicate question but my scenario is bit different and I am looking for the answer as per my scenario. My parents will be travelling from India to New York via London after ...
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Transiting through UK Manchester Terminal 1 Visa? [duplicate]

I am flying from the USA to Turkey with a Turkish passport. I checked the UK "do i need a visa guide", it asks the question if I will go through UK Borders Control, if I will not I will not need a ...
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Do I need DATV to meet family at the Heathrow airport during my layover for a connecting flight? [duplicate]

I am travelling from India and have 7.5 hours of layover at Heathrow airport for my connecting flight to Canada. I am arriving on terminal 4 and connecting flight departs from terminal 2. In the ...
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Does a Canada PR card holder require a transit visa for London Heathrow airport? [duplicate]

I have an Indian passport and a Canadian PR card. I am travelling back to Canada from India with stopovers in Frankfurt and London. Do I need a transit visa for this? Thanks.
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20 hour layover at London Heathrow. Do I need a transit visa to go to a hotel outside airport ? [duplicate]

I am an Indian national(Indian passport) traveling from Bangalore to US with a student F-1 visa. I have a 20 hour layover at London Heathrow. I will arrive at 1pm in LHR and leave for US the next day ...
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If my layover time at London is 14 hours, should I have a UK transit visa for the travel? [duplicate]

I am travelling from Mumbai to Houston via London and have a valid US visa. I have to wait in London for 14 hours for my connecting flight. Some of my friends were saying transit visa is not required ...
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