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What to do if drugs / a bomb are planted in your travel bag?

So the scene: You're flying from Bogota, Colombia to New York, USA. You arrive, pick up your bag from the carousel, and figure you'll stuff your netbook you used on the flight into your bag now ...
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How to check a large backpack?

When travelling on airlines based in the US with a large backpack, I prefer to carry the bag onto the plane as part of my hand baggage allowance. Most foreign flag carriers, however, have a ...
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Why would I want a hard-shell suitcase (for air travel)?

I'm about to buy a suitcase (something I don't do often). I've only ever had fabric-shell rather than hard-shell cases, and I'm almost sure that's what I'm going to buy again, but I was wondering - ...
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Can I bring my desktop computer as check-in baggage on a flight? [duplicate]

I am moving from Malaysia to the US, and planning to bring my desktop computer with me. I plan to pack it in my checked-in luggage. Will the computer risk being damaged? Any precaution should I take ...
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Suitcases: hard or soft? Canvas, polycarbonate or something else?

So I'm in the market for a suitcase. And let's start by making it clear that I do need a suitcase: point to point trip on a plane to a cold weather destination with lots of baby stuff, souvenirs and ...
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How to dispose of a broken suitcase at an airport?

Recently I had to catch a flight from New Delhi to Frankfurt. On arriving at the airport, I realized that my suitcase was broken at the bottom near the wheels. Probably due to its rough handling ...
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Can I pack a cardboard box as checked luggage?

As mentioned in another question, I'm planning on traveling with a desktop computer as checked baggage. After considering the options, I've decided to take it in its original cardboard box (used for ...
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How bad is baggage theft at Johannesburg airport?

South Africa's Johannesburg's airport has a reputation for stolen and rifled baggage and a quick Google search returns many travelers reporting similar stories. My question, is how bad is the ...
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Is fear of having drugs planted in my bag enroute to Malaysia justified?

I am afraid to travel to Malaysia because I read that people possessing drugs are being killed there. Not being a drug user, I presume that drugs could be put into my baggage without my knowledge. Is ...
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Can I simply bubble wrap a cardboard box and check it on a US domestic flight?

I wish to take a computer monitor with me on vacation. I possess the original cardboard box and the Styrofoam. Unfortunately I do not have a suitcase with the same dimensions. I was hoping that I ...
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Is the possibility of a cabin sized trolley bag being damaged when checked in high?

I have with me a cabin sized trolley bag which will contain some razors, knifes, scissors, chocolates and some dresses. So obviously I cannot take these with me as cabin luggage on Lufthansa as per ...
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Data on baggage theft rates, by airport or airline

Do airports or airlines disclose the number of checked-in baggage thefts reported by passengers every year, and is there a central database where one can find and compare those numbers?
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What kind of bag can I use to travel with a baby car seat?

I need to carry a baby car seat on an international air trip. The car seat's dimensions are 28.5 x 17.5 x 30.9 inches and it looks like this: I'm having trouble finding an appropriate bag for ...
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Managing baggage in transit at OR Johannesburg airport, to prevent theft and tampering

I have an 8 hour wait for an international transfer at Johannesburg airport and will be changing airlines. I am very concerned about the stories of theft and tampering of luggage at this airport. ...
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Can I strap a small bag to my backpack so that it still counts as one bag?

I'm going on an international flight via Singapore airlines and I was wondering can you strap a smaller bag onto the front of a pack and will it class as one bag?
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