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OK, we are all adults here, so what is a bidet for and how do I use it?

Confession time: I am from one of these barbaric countries where the use of the bidet is not widespread. So I have no idea... Question 1: What is the bidet good for? Question 2: How do I use it? ...
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How to prevent "Delhi Belly" from eating/drinking locally?

Montezuma's revenge or Aztec two step in Central America, mummy's tummy, or Cairo two-step in Egypt, Kurtz Hurtz in Uzbekistan, Bombay belly or Delhi belly in India. A case of the sh-- or Hershey ...
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What's the best way to take a cold shower?

This is a question that most people probably never think about, because it's an every-day thing. But for many of us, such as myself, who grew up in more western cultures, with more modern ...
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How to adapt to Western Toilets from Indian-style toilets?

I am an Indian and have been using Indian style toilets for all my life, Now that I have a knee injury, I am forced to go to Western Style toilets. I find it really hard to empty my bowels in western ...
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Should I put toilet paper in airplane toilets?

During a recent international flight my 4 year old daughter informed me that I shouldn't put toilet paper in the toilet but should instead use the bin provided. My gut told me she was wrong, however ...
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How to prepare for very long train journeys?

A friend of mine is going to take a very long train journey the next week. The journey takes 44 hours according to the train schedule and takes place in Europe. He has to change trains two times. Once ...
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OK we are all adults here, so really, how on earth should I live without bidet?

This is the part four in the interesting series: "OK we are all X here, so really". You can find the past episodes here: OK we're all adults here, so really, how on earth should I use a squat toilet? ...
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Are the hoses in toilets in Asia something I should know about?

I have noticed random bits of hose without proper fittings before I think for example in India and just assumed they are for use by the cleaners or for filling the water jug in squat toilets. But Now ...
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Stuck without toilet paper while travelling - what is the best approach?

Well, this has happened to everyone at some point - you find out there is no toilet paper just after you need it the most. Usually it's not a big deal, even in public toilet room you can wait until ...
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We're all adults here - how to use a squat toilet if you have trouble squatting?

So, we have a great question and answer on how to use a squat toilet. However, the answers there basically assume you're healthy and able to use one as per the instructions. A group of us are going ...
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How on earth can I use a Canadian toilet without splashing myself?

The last few days I had to use Canadian toilets. Now I'm from Europe and I'm used to Central European toilets: As you can see, the water is really far down the toilet and if "things" fall in there, ...
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Is it rude to ask for toilet paper in Bangladesh?

I have read this post : Stuck without toilet paper while travelling - what is the best approach? Does not quite answer my question. Are toilet papers common in hotels in Dhaka ? It seems too off to ...
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Using squat toilets with arthritic knees

Referring to this question got me thinking (and laughing). I've used squat toilets a few times when traveling (and younger), although I try to avoid them. I grew up in the US using "normal" western ...
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Should I book Thailand Rail tickets online (pre-trip) or at the station when I arrive?

I plan on taking the Thailand rail system between Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket (particularly the overnight trains), and Siem Reap. Is it safe to book these tickets ahead of time through their website "...
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Are the UK Highway Code rules regarding roundabouts sufficient? [closed]

Highway Code rule 185 clause 1 states: When reaching the roundabout you should give priority to traffic approaching from your right, unless directed otherwise by signs, road markings or traffic ...
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