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Do airlines raise the ticket price as flights fill up [duplicate]

Do airlines raise the ticket price as flights fill up? I know YMMV, but as a general rule, is it how they operate? and as a bonus question, once a flight is full, would they schedule a new one on ...
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When to buy plane tickets to get best rates? [duplicate]

I'm planning a trip from Europe to USA, that will happen next summer. I was looking lately into purchasing plane tickets, but a lot of carriers do not offer late July/early August 2015 tickets yet. ...
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Are the prices of short-haul British Airways flights known to fluctuate (within the Economy class), or they only ever increase? [duplicate]

I've had a flight price tracked in Google Flight for a couple of days because I couldn't yet decide if I could take it. Unfortunately it has gone up by 25% last night (~170 to ~220 EUR). The flight ...
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Cheapest tickets on WIZZ AIR [duplicate]

I'm willing to buy flight tickets from wizz air. During the last week the price changed many times and I wonder how can I predict when will the price drop again (now they are pretty high). Does anyone ...
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Best time to buy a flight to South America from Europe [duplicate]

I want to buy a open jaw flight to South America. Bucharest - Buenos Aires at the beginning of January Bogota/Barranquilla/Cartagena(Colombia) - Bucharest, somewhere between 10 and 16 April. When is ...
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How far in advance is it recommended to book flight tickets? [duplicate]

Ok so I know that rule of thumb for booking flight tickets is 'earlier the better' but I am not sure how far in advance should the action be taken. I have seen many cases where the min. prices at say ...'s user avatar
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How far in advance should you book a domestic flight within Canada for best value? [duplicate]

Google revealed articles about how far in advance to book a flight to get a good deal on average (47 days for US domestic flights, 147 days for international flights), but are there any ...
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Is it legal for an airline to show, at the same exact time, two different prices for the same exact flight?

I recently bought a ticket from a (legit) European airline, with which I had flown before, for a national flight in an EU country. In the process of booking, as I normally do, I tried to find the ...
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When should I book my hotel if prices are inflated due to a major event?

My problem: I recently booked a business trip about three months out, noticing slightly too late that there's a huge event (Formula 1 race) happening in town the previous weekend and all the remotely ...
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Are inexpensive last minute tickets a thing?

When the flight date like in one or two days, and there are unsold seats, is it a possibility that airlines reduce the ticket price in the flight day or so?
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Does browsing ticket sites in incognito mode and/or from different IP's result in cheaper ticket prices?

I stumbled across a discussion yesterday where industry insiders share tips relating to their respective fields. Someone who works in e-commerce stated : "When purchasing items on the internet (...
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Last minute flight bookings - better to book online or at the airport?

We had a question here earlier on booking flight tickets in the weeks running up to holiday season, which covered ground on what happens to flight prices over the period. What I'm interested to know ...
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How do you know if you have found the cheapest air fare on a given route?

I have learned that spending quite some time on searching for a the best fare for a trip can be quite rewarding. It isn't uncommon that I save 1000 Euro on a trip, simply by going through various ...
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How to find historical airfares?

Is there a way to find out how much it would have cost to buy a particular airplane ticket at some point in the past? For example, how could I find out how much it would have cost to buy a one-way ...
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Is it more expensive to buy airline tickets together than separate?

I'm looking for tickets in (a travel website for the American continent) and found out that a flight for just one person was about USD $350 incluiding all taxes, and I did the exact same ...
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