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Potential gastric problems in China [duplicate]

I was told many times that I'd better stick to some well-known fast-food restaurants rather than eat local food in China. Otherwise, I may spend my whole trip exploring the vast variety of chinese ...
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Avoid getting sick in India [duplicate]

I heard the horror stories about travelling in India, getting diarrhoea and sometimes even ending up with permanent health problems. How bad is it really? Can it be easily avoided with a bit of ...
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Tips on preventing illness whilst in India [duplicate]

I am going on holiday to India for 6 days and was wondering if anyone knew of any form of preventative medication which I would be able to acquire in order to try and stop some myself getting some of ...
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OK we're all adults here, so really, how on earth should I use a squat toilet?

OK so for anyone that's travelled beyond North America and Western Europe you know what I'm talking about. Left: Romania, last year. Right: Turkey, last night. They start popping up in the Balkans ...
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Is tea and coffee on the street safe to drink in India?

There are many street tea/coffee sellers around India, and although the water has been boiled at some point, often the pots are out for a long time. The clay cups are also lying around in the dust. Is ...
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How do you gauge the safety of Indian street food?

I would love to someday go to India and travel a bit. I'm just wondering what exactly is the deal with the street food? Is there some wisdom as to what street food you can trust and what you cannot? I ...
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Going to New Delhi for a conference. Where to drink/get water?

I've just read Drinking tap water in India, which has some mixed messages (in different answers) regarding tap water safety in different locations and conditions in India. Now, I'm traveling to a ...
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Stuck without toilet paper while travelling - what is the best approach?

Well, this has happened to everyone at some point - you find out there is no toilet paper just after you need it the most. Usually it's not a big deal, even in public toilet room you can wait until ...
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Why exactly is it so important not to forget my towel when hitchhiking?

As everybody knows, “A towel ... is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have.” But what about us terrestrial travellers? Personally I recently found these ...
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Is Morocco currently safe to visit despite the Ebola outbreak?

I'm travelling to Morocco over the Easter period, and while I am aware that the current Ebola outbreak is mainly in Guinea, Liberia and Mali, and would have to cross the Sahara to get to Morocco, is ...
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If I manage a trip drinking a little bit of local water without Delhi Belly, am I now fine in future?

I'm just back from a trip to Bangalore, which is one of those places where you risk Delhi Belly (or whatever the Bangalore local equivalent is!). On previous trips, I've sadly ended up affected by it. ...
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Finding drinkable water while travelling

I tend to get dehydrated rather easily, a problem that is compounded when I travel to locations where the water is unsafe/unfamiliar for me. I often seem to find myself having to choose between ...
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Convenience stores in India

Are there many (enough) convenience stores throughout India that sell prepackaged food? Thailand's 7-11 was great for cheese toasties, etc. I am wondering if we can get quick meals and snacks like ...
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Is it recommended to get vaccinations before visiting India?

I'll be travelling to India soon. I'm not sure if I'll have to time to get vaccinated since it usually takes 2 weeks to kick in. Lonely Planet suggests a bunch of vaccinations. Have any of you guys ...
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Is it safe to drink tap water in Morocco?

Over the next week I'm travelling around in Morocco and I wonder whether buying bottled water is essential or tap water is safe enough to drink. According to the Wikitravel entry: As a rule, do not ...
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