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Multiple Country Schengen Visa

I applied for a Schengen Visa to Switzerland while I had a valid one for Germany till 3rd Sep 2016 (I have already traveled to Germany on this visa). The visa was granted, however from 4th Sep 2016. I ...
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Validity of Schengen visa

I have a multiple entry Schengen visa issued by the German consulate in Kolkata that is valid until 26.08.2014. Does this mean I have return within 26.08.2014? If I enter before 26.08.2014, then can ...
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If I have a multiple-entry Schengen visa and need to stay for 2 days past its validity, will my existing visa be extended or will I get a new one?

I have a type C multiple entry visa, valid for a year until 06/08 but I was thinking to start my trip before it expires and end around 07/08 or 08/08. I then want to go to Schengen zone again, so my ...
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