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Can I get off a plane at connecting flight? [duplicate]

I know this may be considered hidden-city ticketing and airlines have qualms with the practice, but since it's technically not illegal I was wondering if I bought a ticket from Chicago to Moscow with ...
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Can you leave at a connecting airport and miss the leg to the destination? [duplicate]

I've booked a flight for my daughter from New York to Dublin via Heathrow. She works in the UK. We are changing planes in Heathrow; can she just get off and leave the airport in London, instead of ...
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Do you have to take the second leg of a domestic flight?

Say I want to book a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago. Say the airline also flies to St. Louis from Fort Launderdale but has a connecting flight through Chicago. If I book that flights from ...
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Two leg journey (BOS - LHR - DXB) is cheaper than the first leg only (BOS - LHR)?

I was looking into tickets from BOS > LHR a direct flight costs at least $1,154 via American airways, while British itself costs at least $1,199 (see pic below) now a ticket BOS > LHR > DXB ...
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"Complimentary" flight after my final destination

I just booked my round trip to India from USA with one of the travel agents. Here is my trip Outbound - Newark - > Delhi - > Hyderabad Inbound - Hyderabad - > Delhi -> Newark But I see in the ...
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How does "Fuel Dumping" work?

Recently, I saw a lot of blog post, forum posts etc on Fuel Dumping. For me it seemed like you can book a flight with high fuel charges, and then add another unrelated leg to the flight that you not ...
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Why are USA to Europe round-trip airfares more expensive than Europe to USA round-trip airfares?

I travel to Milan about three times a year from San Francisco. I have never understood why the round trip flights are almost double if you originate in the US? For example, Milan-SFO-Milan in June ...
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Ditch the second leg of a return flight and avoid checked baggage issues

I have a trip coming up with Air Canada for which the itinerary looks like this: YYZ - DXB DXB - YYZ followed by a 14 hour stopover YYZ - EWR My objective is to end my journey at step 2 while being ...
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Nested Return Flights

I am currently in Europe and have the following flight scheme: Europe → USA (September) USA → Europe (Christmas) Europe → USA (January '15) USA → Europe (July '15) First, does it make a difference ...
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Stopping at an airport different from destination

I have a Canadian Visa and an air ticket to Toronto via Montreal. However, I would like to stop at Montréal instead of going to Toronto. While I asked my travel agent to cancel this booking, he ...
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Why does it cost significantly more for a trip from Nicaragua to NYC than vice versa?

When looking up flight prices, I noticed it costs ~ $365 roundtrip from NYC to Managua, Nicaragua and ~ $700 roundtrip from Managua to NYC. I assume there are similar situations from other major ...
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Travelling from US to Paris via UK, can I avoid checking bags all the way through to Paris?

I'm a UK citizen and have a BA flight from US to London and then from London to Paris the same day (because I had meetings in Paris, but live in London) but I now actually need to be in London instead ...
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