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Dutch border police stamped my passport on exit but not re-entry. Should I be concerned?

I'm a British citizen living in the Netherlands with a permanent residence permit with type "PERMANENT RESIDENCE DOCUMENT WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT ART. 18(1)" According to the website for the ...
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Possible problems for British resident of Spain travelling in Schengen area?

I am a UK citizen who now has residence in Spain, which is part of the Schengen area of (more or less) the EU. Since Brexit I have been able to travel between the UK and Spain and vice versa by ...
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Does my passport need to be stamped while re-entering Schengen area?

I applied for residence permit after entering the country on a D visa. Residence card is not yet issued. I left the Schengen area (with an exit stamp). And soon I am returning while my D visa is still ...
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Does Germany stamp my passport upon exit?

I'm wondering if I fly to Frankfurt Main from Spain and stay overnight in a hotel outside the airport and then fly out of the EU the next day, does my passport get stamped? I have residency in Spain ...
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Missing re-entry stamp after stay in Bulgaria

I recently traveled from Denmark to Sofia in Bulgaria. I work in Denmark, but I am a non-EU citizen. When traveling to Sofia, I got a passport stamp after exiting the Schengen area, but upon my exact ...
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Regarding exit and enter stamp in passport while leaving entering schengen with an EU temporary resident permit

Does anybody know why sometimes they border police stamp the passport while leaving the Schengen and sometimes not? My friend left a schengen country yesterday with the same country temporary resident ...
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Why do some Schengen countries not stamp passports of residence permit holders?

You're a resident of Schengen country A. You're entering or exiting Schengen via Schengen country B. B doesn't stamp your passport while entering/exiting. Why is that? Doesn't this complicate things ...
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Consequences of Schengen Border guard not checking residence permit

I am a Canadian national already living in Finland with a Finnish residence permit (based on my spouse having a Residence Permit for work). I was traveling back from Canada (after a short visit) to ...
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Gibraltar to Spain border passport stamping

I am a US citizen with Spanish residency. I have been living in Gibraltar for two months but I heard they start stamping passports now for non Gibraltar residents and I never received an entry stamp ...
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Passport Stamping and Residents cards

I am a U.K. citizen with a Bulgarian residents card. If I fly into Spain, does my passport have to be stamped as a third country national now after Brexit. Also if I transit Spain or another Member ...
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Does Spain stamp passports of Schengen residence permit holders while entering/exiting Schengen area?

I looked into here Which Schengen countries (don't) stamp passports of ordinary residence permit holders? but couldn't see anything about Spain
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Border control stamps entering EU when holding EU residency

I hold German residency (because I am married to a German citizen). I am in Dublin, Ireland at the moment, and I'll return to Germany through France. Will my passport get stamped at the French border ...
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