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What is the minimum wait before I may re-enter the USA after a 90 day visit on the Visa Waiver Program?

I entered the USA on a three month visa waiver program from Australia. I am about to return to Australia and would like to come back again to the USA. How long do I have to wait until I can re-enter ...
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Re-entering the US after leaving on a visa waiver program [duplicate]

in late Feb I'll be travelling to the USA on the visa waiver program, after my 3 months is up I wish to spend 2 weeks in South America, then return to the States, am I able to do this? Or do I need to ...
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Visiting the US twice under one ESTA? [duplicate]

I'm from the UK and will be visiting Florida for the second time this year to spend the summer under an ESTA. I have enough money to cover accommodation for two months and expenses without having to ...
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Can I visit the USA twice in a year with an ESTA [duplicate]

I visited my best friend in California this winter. It was the first time I ever visited the USA and I stayed for 70 days. I've been back in my country for a month and a half and I've decided to ...
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If I leave the US how long do I have to be out of the country before I can return? [duplicate]

I am planning a trip to the US next year and will be travelling around. My idea was to spend a total of six months in the country. I appreciate that under the VWP I will have 90 days initially.
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Is re-entry on a tourist visa after being in USA for ESTA for almost 3 months a problem? [duplicate]

I am in the States on ESTA, but I like it here and would like to stay longer and explore more, so I decided to travel to Canada to apply for a B1/2 visa to re-enter for longer period. MOST ...
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How soon can I re-enter the USA after staying there for 60/90 days ? when does the program re-set? [duplicate]

I am travelling to the USA from england next month, after about 60 days travelling i am going to cuba for about a week, and then I'm hoping to go to cancun and from there to Hawaii, would i be able to ...
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Entering for the third time in US under ESTA/VWP after two 90 days stays [duplicate]

I'm writing you as I would like to receive some information about entering in the US under the VMP.I'm an Italian citizen, living and working in Italy, and I entered in the US on December 26th and ...
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I visited the US for 2 weeks in May; can I return in November for 2 more weeks? [duplicate]

I went to visit a friend in the US for 2 weeks in May and was planning on flying over again in November for another 2 weeks. Is this allowed? I know you're only allowed to visit the US for 90 days ...
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How often can I visit the USA on ESTA in one year? [duplicate]

Does anyone know how long a 'reasonable amount of time outside the U.S. in between stays' really is? I am dating a guy who lives there, this year I have visited three times and I am hoping on a ...
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How soon can one return to US with visitor visa? [duplicate]

How long do you have to be out of the country before you can return on a visitor visa? My sister in law will be traveling from a Central American country that requires a visa to visit the USA (she ...
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Road tripping the US from UK with 90 day visa waiver more than once a year? [duplicate]

I'm currently on a road trip in the USA from the UK using the 90 day visa waiver program - I'm here for 87 days. Then I fly home, do some travelling around Europe etc. and want to fly back for ...
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If my British boyfriend visits me in the US for a month this December, how long could he stay in the summer? [duplicate]

My boyfriend, who is a UK citizen, is intending to visit me (in the US) for roughly a month in December under the visa waiver program. He wants to come back to visit me during the summer because he's ...
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Can I apply for a US visit visa from Singapore while my immigration visa form i-130 is still pending? [duplicate]

I am a Singaporean married to my husband who is from hongkong. He is a US PR working in US now. We have submitted our visa application in July 2017 under form i-130. Currently i visit him via visa ...
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Is it a good idea to mention to the USA immigration officer that I'm visiting my girlfriend?

I spent 5 months in the USA, and everything went without a problem. Now I'm spending my second month back in my country (the Czech Republic). In a week or two I want to go back to the USA for another ...
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