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Penalty for accidentally overstaying in Sweden by 1 day? (US citizen) [duplicate]

I stay 90 days in/90 days out of Sweden on a consistent basis to be with my fiance as much as possible while he finishes his studies (only 1 1/2 years left now, thank god!) We have been doing this ...
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Will overstaying a Schengen visa be entered in SIS II? [duplicate]

Long story short, this is my ignorance. I am an Indian national. I had visa duration for 88 days and I entered the Prague airport before midnight on the 88th day but my fight was the next morning (to ...
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Overstay in Schengen [duplicate]

I am an American who studied at a Latvian university in the previous fall semester. I had planned to stay almost an academic year, so the company that organized my trip and partnered with the ...
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overstayed schengen visa [duplicate]

Citizens of my country don't need a schengen zone visa to enter. however we're allowed to stay 90 days on a 180 period. i travelled for three month and didn't count properly and stayed 91 days. when I ...
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Consequences of overstaying Schengen visa in Switzerland

I overstayed my Schengen visa by 2 weeks when I traveled to Switzerland. The police in Switzerland gave me a paper saying that I will receive a penalty order in one or two months requiring me to pay a ...
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Penalties for overstaying a 3-month Schengen visa

I hold a US passport. If I enter and stay in a Schengen country for more than 3 months, i.e. if I overstay my Schengen visa by 6 months or more, and then wish to travel to and enter another Schengen ...
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Schengen visa maximum duration of stay exceeded due to flight change

​I am on business visit in Italy with ​​Schengen visa having validity of one year. My stay planed was from 19th Sept 2013 (entry) to 17th Dec 2013 (expected exit). Due to some reason ​airways have ...
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What's the most cost-effective destination for a four night trip from Berlin to a non-Schengen destination?

To avoid overstaying my visa, I need to leave the Schengen area for three full days (four nights). What's the most cost-effective way to do this from Berlin, Germany. Here are the requirements: ...
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Spain schengen overstay

My friend is from Chile and overstayed their Schengen visa in Spain by a few months. I've read that the consequences of overstay can vary quite a bit across EU countries. Is there any information out ...
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Canadian traveling to Europe and Japan wanting to "reset the clock" [duplicate]

I am about to overstay in Europe on my Canadian passport for the purpose of tourism. I also recently spent three months in Japan. Question: does a re-entry into the EU/Japan reset the 90 days clock? I'...
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Entry restrictions for Schengen visa

I have finally received my Schengen visa from the Czech Republic embassy in Dubai. But I have received the visa only with 12 days entry where I have applied for a multi entry visa. They have made the ...
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Schengen visa 1 day longer than duration

I was in budapest for a conference. The visa duration said 10 days however i missed my flight and i left the schengen area on the 11th day, i didn’t even know it was an issue as my visa validity was ...
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