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Layover in Munich enough time for customs? [duplicate]

We are (4) travelers flying from Charlotte, North Carolina (Lufthansa) to Munich, Germany then on to Pisa, Italy. All will have carry-on bags only. Is 1 1/2 hours enough time to get through customs ...
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Transit at Munich Airport under 120 minutes. Is it enough? Or I will miss my flight? [duplicate]

I have a flight from Canada to Munich and Munich to Delhi (both Lufthansa). The layover is 120 minutes. (1) Will this be enough? (2) What should I expect when I will reach Munich? (3) How long does ...
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Is one-hour layover at Munich Airport enough time? [duplicate]

I am a USA citizen and will be flying from Athens, Greece to Munich, Germany with a layover in Munich for only about an hour before my connecting flight to San Francisco, USA. Both flights will be ...
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Lufthansa connecting flight at Munich, only 45 minutes in between. Will I be able to make it?

I bought a single ticket from Lufthansa, of Mumbai to Paris. My first flight (LH765) lands at 5:55am at Munich, from where I have another Lufthansa flight (LH2226) to Paris at 6:40am. This is a single ...
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Do I have to collect my luggage on connecting flights into Germany?

I am looking at flying from Newark International to Munich on Lufthansa, and then to Berlin-Tegel. I believe it is all booked as one trip; however, flights entering the United States require you to ...
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Travelling from Dresden to Delhi via Munich with 45 minutes transit time, is it sufficient?

I am travelling from Dresden to Delhi via Munich (holding Indian passport with Schengen visa) through Lufthansa airlines. The transit time at Munich airport to board Delhi flight is just 45 minutes. ...
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How much time do I require to make a connection in Munich airport?

Next month, I need to make a connection in Munich Airport. My flight arrives to Munich at 17:35 (Lufthansa). After that, I want to take a flight that departs at 18:25 (Vueling Airlines) so there is a ...
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Where does my passport get entry stamp?

Consider this journey JFK->MUC->ZRH (MUC is just a flight connection). When does the passenger actually enter the Schengen zone? Munich or Zürich?
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Is 1 hour sufficient to connect from Schengen to non-Schengen at Munich airport?

I’m flying in on American Airlines from Charlotte, NC, to Madrid with a layover in Munich, and have booked two separate flights on Iberia airlines with only a 1 hour connection. We do not have any ...
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1 and a half hour connection time in Munich with different airlines

I'm currently booking flights and my one flight is packaged as ARN -> MUC -> YYZ -> YOW The connection time in MUC is 1.5hr. My flight flips from Lufthansa to Air Canada in MUC as well. Is that ...
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Munich Airport transit on two separate tickets

I will be arriving at Munich Airport Terminal 1 on an international flight at 7:45 PM, and my next flight to Berlin is at 9:45 PM from Terminal 2. I will be holding two separate tickets (Oman Air and ...
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Would 1 hour layover be enough between Frankfurt and Munich if I have a transit visa and my final destination is US?

I have an Indian passport and will be travelling to the US. I have two stops on Germany, first at Frankfurt and then at Munich. Lufthansa suggests that I need a transit visa which I will be getting. ...
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Are 45 minutes enough for a layover in Munich Airport (from T2 to T1)?

Travelling from Lyon to Bucharest via Munich, had my eyes on a ticket from Lufthansa. The trouble is that I would arrive at 21:30 and have only 45 minutes to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, is it ...
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Immigration checks in transit from CDG and MUC (DEL-CDG/MUC-GVA)

I am an Indian national with a valid D visa issued by Switzerland. I am planning to book tickets with either Air France (DEL - CDG - GVA) or Lufthansa (DEL - MUC GVA). I was wondering where the ...
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Are 90 minutes layover in Munich Airport and 120 minutes in Heathrow airport enough? [closed]

I will be traveling from Delhi to San Francisco via route DEL - MUC - LHR - SFO. There are connecting Lufthansa flights from DEL to SFO. Layover time at MUC is 90 minutes and at LHR is 120 minutes. ...
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