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How to plan flights with more than one stop with Norwegian so it isn't expensive? [duplicate]

When buying flights tickets usually buying a one-way flight is very expensive, comparing to flights that have return. In many airline websites there is not an option for planing a whole big trip with ...
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Why is a single return ticket more expensive than separate tickets for the two sectors? [duplicate]

In this case BHX-FRA return (Lufthansa) is about £140; FRA-WDH return (Air Namibia) is about £500 - and BHX-FRA-WDH return, on exactly the same flights is about £900. I understand that this is common,...
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Why might a multi-leg flight be cheaper than one of its legs? [duplicate]

I expect this has been asked and answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find an exact duplicate. The multi-leg return fare: CWL > AMS > PDX > AMS > CWL is significantly cheaper than: AMS ...
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Which sanctions can be applied by airline to me if I use round trip ticket as a one way [duplicate]

I want to travel from city A to city B. Round trip ticket costs much less than one-way. So I want to buy a round trip ticket and travel only in one direction. What airline can do to me to punish such ...
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Booking 2 ways ticket, not onboard 1 way, consider canceling both? [duplicate]

It's hard to explain the situation in title, so here it is: I'm booking a 2 ways tickets from Singapore to Vietnam (Hanoi). However, i didn't board the trip Sing-Viet. Instead, I purchased another 1 ...
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Can round trip flights be cheaper than one-way flights? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: One-way versus return airfare tickets I'm looking for plane trips that would suit me if I studied abroad in the US. I searched up the flight I'd take: SVG - ATL, and was ...
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Why are round trip/return tickets sometimes so much cheaper than the one-way? [duplicate]

I am flying LHR -> CLT, one-way. The one-way ticket was over $1000. However a return ticket with the outbound the same exact flight as the one-way, was around $800. I bought the return with no ...
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Is there a flight search engine that combines flights from different airlines?

Is there a search engine that considers "mix&match" flight combinations? My current problem: I need to go from FRA to YLW (Frankfurt/Germany to Kelowna/Canada) on July 29th, and arrive no later ...
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Why would I choose full service carrier instead of a low-cost one?

I just started flying recently and over the last two years I was on an airplane about once a month. All my trips were between European cities. I have been successfully using Ryanair, Wizz Air and ...
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Why is 2x one-way fares cheaper than round-trip on Matrix?

I'm searching for flights to NZ and back for some time in Feb-Apr next year. I've been using Matrix to find suitable dates and prices, however I ran into something that I thought was odd - the prices ...
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How can I stay longer in my flight stop cities without much additional flight cost?

Imagine you want to buy a round ticket from A to C. You have one stop in B (all three cities are in different countries). A -> [B] -> C -> [B] -> A B is actually an interesting place and ...
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Round trip vs two one-way tickets?

Is there any substantial disadvantage to booking two one-way tickets, versus a round trip ticket? Booking vacation travel with family of four for winter, from Northeast US to Mexico. Round trip is ...
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Is it okay to board only the second flight of a return ticket? The return ticket is much cheaper than buying one way

I was browsing flight price at Singapore Airlines website, and a one-way flight from SIN to SFO cost this much: That's quite expensive. I tried browsing around and found that a return flight from SFO ...
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Are there any tricks to book multi-city international flights?

Generally, multi-city air fares are much higher than round trip fares. Let's say I'm getting these flights (A->B->C->B->A) and I am staying in first B and C. It is actually a round trip with ...
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What are the "rules" for multi-city flights?

As I understand things, airlines generally give discounts for round-trips that consist of a flight from A to B followed by a flight from B to A. How does this logic work for multi-city flights? As ...
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