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Can I visit Schengen countries on a Type-D Schengen Visa? [duplicate]

I’m going to Germany for a semester exchange and I have a long-stay visa from Germany. Can I travel to the other Schengen states during this period with this visa or do I have to apply for a separate ...
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Can family of EU Blue Card holder travel freely in the Schengen Area with a German Aufenthaltstitel? [duplicate]

I'm an American citizen working and living in Germany on an EU Blue Card. My family (wife and 2 children) is here with me. We were all issued standard German Aufenthaltstiteln (residence permit cards) ...
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Indian Student in France on Long Stay Study Visa. Can I travel to or enter Italy? [duplicate]

I am Indian who will study in France from Jan 16 on a Long Stay Student Visa. In Dec 15, I intend to travel to Italy. Should I apply for a separate Visa to go to Italy? If the answer to the ...
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Can I visit France with this Greek Schengen visa? [duplicate]

Can I visit France with this Greek Schengen visa?
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I have a Dutch residency permit as I work there but am from the UK - does the 90 day rule still apply if I visit another schengen country? [duplicate]

Identifying Schengen visa, residency permit, Austria immigration and 90 day ruling
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Can I visit Norway on my Passport Talent (France) visa? [duplicate]

My visa says: Valid for: France From: 11-12-22 Until: 10-04-23 Duration of stay: XXX Type of visa: D Number of entries: Mult Remarks: Pass. Talent; Chercheur; PT4 VLSTS; Valider en ligne Can I enter ...
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Does an Egyptian student resident in the EU need a visa for a short stay in Switzerland? [duplicate]

I am an Egyptian student and willing to visit Switzerland for less than 90 days. I hold a Portuguese residence permit (due to being a student, which I renew every year). I usually have no problems ...
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Regarding new possible EU travel limitations of US citizens [duplicate]

Regarding the new vote in the EU parliament, I wanted to know the affect on traveling in the EU if already possessing a visa.
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Can I travels to other countries in Schengen area with a national visa (type D) of Italy? [duplicate]

I am a volunteer in Italy since January 2017 and I have a national visa type D - Multi - 190 days. I'm staying in Italy 6 months until my project is finished in July 2017. This is my first time in ...
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Enter EU Schengen Area on a Type D Visa [duplicate]

I have a Type D long stay visa issued by Germany. On the visa itself, the Valid For label states Deutschland. Can I enter the EU through Spain on this visa? Edit: This is not a question about ...
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Travelling to Italy before heading to Greece [duplicate]

I am a Filipino currently holding a Greece National Type D visa. Before traveling to Greece, however, I would like to stay in Italy for 3 weeks. Will I have any problems at the Italian airport if I ...
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Can I stay in other Schengen countries on a national type D visa for more than 90 days? [duplicate]

I have a Polish national type D visa, and would like to stay in Italy for more than 90 days in 180 day period. I was actually wondering if its possible considering there are not border checks betwen ...
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Travelling outside Germany with only a German D visa in the absence of a residence permit [duplicate]

I have a long-term German National D Visa for research. I have an upcoming short trip outside Germany to the Schengen Zone but I don't have a residence permit yet. I've been informed that I should ...
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Can I travel straight to Holland from the United Kingdom on my Etats Schengen multi visa [duplicate]

I am planning to travel to Holland on my multi entry 3 months visa that was issue by the French embassy in the United Kingdom. I have been to Paris 2 weeks ago for 2 days.
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Schengen Visa/Italy 90 day visa [duplicate]

I am hoping to spend 6 months in Europe. I'm a Canadian citizen. I'm aware of the 90 day Schengen visa and planning on applying for a D level visa for Italy to spend 90 days there. My ...
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