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How to switch from Resident visa to Tourist visa status in the Schengen area?

I have a 1-year residence permit from one Schengen country that is now expiring. Upon its expiration, I would like to get my 90/180 days validity as a tourist to stay, or return here as soon as ...
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I have a Student Visa to Spain, after it expires can I leave to travel the rest of the Schengen area? [duplicate]

I am a citizen of the United States but next year I am going on exchange in Spain. My student visa will expire in the end of June but I want to travel around to visit friends and family I have in ...
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Schengen Visa Free Travel as Tourist (90/180) Immediately Following Long Stay (D Type Visa) [duplicate]

I have been residing in France for a year on a D type visa. Now, by the end of this year the visa will be over, and I would like to take advantage of being a Schengen visa free passport holder (annex ...
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Travelling Europe after French visa expires [duplicate]

I’m an Australian currently living in France, I have a 12-month long-stay visa. I want to travel to Croatia for 10 days after my visa has expired. My question is, am I then able to return to France (...
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Can I leave the Schengen Zone before my student visa expires and come back as a tourist? [duplicate]

I'm studying in Denmark with a student visa, but it expires on July 14th and I've booked to stay in Europe for an extra month. I already booked Airbnbs with friends on the July 15th and don't want ...
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For which countries does tourist visa apply after the end of a long-stay visa in Schengen countries? [duplicate]

According to this related question it is possible to stay legally in the Schengen Area after the expiration of a long visa for 90 days. This is the ammendment from where this quote comes from: For ...
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Resident permit finishes, can I travel on 90 day visa [duplicate]

I am a New Zealander on a resident permit in Holland. When my permit expires I plan to be travelling through France. Is this ok under the 90 day visa? I am exiting the Schengen zone for a weekend in ...
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If I get a visa for France, will my time in France still count towards the 90/180 day Schengen limit? [duplicate]

I am an Australian interested in travelling to Europe for over 6 months. I am eligible to get a working holiday visa for France, which will allow me to stay and work in France for up to a year. ...
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German Work Visa Expiring soon .. Can I still travel Europe as a tourist? [duplicate]

My freelance Work Visa expires in 10 days in Germany. It was a 12 month Visa. I plan on heading to Spain and Denmark before flying back to Australia. Is this permitted? Or ... will my 90 days be ...
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Can I visit Schengen countries after using all days allowed by a national D visa? [duplicate]

I have a Schengen D visa valid for 1 year with possibility to stay 183 days. Can I enter other Schengen countries after using 183 days allowed by national visa but before the expiration of the visa.
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Can I use a 1-year visa and a tourist visa back-to-back in Spain? [duplicate]

I'm a Canadian citizen and I have a Youth Mobility Visa in Spain that lasts 1 year. After it expires, is it possible for me to re-enter on a tourist for another 3 months? For example, if my 1-year ...
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Can I start a tourist Schengen visit after my long-term Schengen visa is over?

Here's my situation. I am currently in France on an internship visa (different than a business and tourist visa) which ends next month. I'm interested in doing some traveling afterwards, ideally on a ...
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Visa for gap year in Europe

I am going to Europe in 2016 for a year for my gap year-I will be 18 and am from Australia. My dream is to backpack for about 6 months, and au pair for about 3 months, yet this is extremely ...
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Will I get a Schengen entry stamp when leaving Andorra or Faroe Islands?

I (U.S.A. citizen) currently have a Dutch residence permit for purpose of family reunion. When my sponsoring family member will leave the Netherlands later this year, I will also have to turn in my ...
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Need I leave and reenter the Schengen area after my work visa expires to become a tourist? [duplicate]

I am an American citizen living in Poland for 6 months. I arrived in Poland on March 1, 2016 without a work visa (i.e, on a business trip).The count toward my Schengen days began. I received my ...
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