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Does a Ghana citizen need $3000 in hand to travel to the USA? [duplicate]

I have met a girl online and wish to bring her to the USA. We have talked on the phone and via video chat. All documents are in order but they say she needs $3,000 (USD) in hand to travel. Is this ...
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Visitor requesting a cash advance to purchase airfare in-country. Legitimate or scam? [duplicate]

Woman planning to visit me from Ukraine to the US applied for a visa and such, claims to have paid for the visa but needs 500 dollars more for the airfare from Ukraine to the US. She says strict rules ...
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Does a verified US citizen need a police & medical report to return from Ghana? [duplicate]

I've been told by a girl supposedly from New York I met online, who currently is working in Ghana, that she requires police and medical reports to return to the US. Is this true? The cost was quoted ...
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A Russian girl is asking for 500 euros to get a passport in Russia. Is this a realistic amount of money for a passport fee? [duplicate]

I met a girl from Russia and she wants to see Denmark. I told her to meet first in Moscow to know each other better - anyway she asked me for 500 Euro for an international passport (she never had one ...
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What are the requirements for Russian citizens to leave Russia? [duplicate]

If they already have the documentation, visa, passport and air tickets, can they be stopped at the Moscow airport by their own Customs agents and be made to show proof of funds before being allowed to ...
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US Citizen living in Ghana for 5 years wants to return home [duplicate]

Does a US citizen who has lived in Ghana for 5 years have to have 3 to 6 thousand dollars in hand to fly out of the country to return to the US?
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Can my Russian girlfriend leave the country if she owes the bank money? [duplicate]

My Russian girlfriend has already been approved for a visa and bought an airplane ticket. She took a loan of $700 from a Russian bank. She was telling me that she may not be able to leave on December ...
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My girlfriend wants $1500 to prove she can look after herself when she arrives in Australia [duplicate]

My girlfriend wants $1500 to prove to customs that she had money to look after herself when she arrives in Australia. True or false. I'm questioning it. I do believe it's for real. She seems very ...
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russian women asking for $2000.00 to show athorities she has enough money for her trip [duplicate]

i have met a girl online from rusia. we have been sending massages through my email has now been six weeks since her first message.she uses the internet cafe. she was short $516 american ...
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does a Russian National require $120/day for 60 days in order to visit the US? [duplicate]

I met a Russian lady on Tinder. I have already sent her 2k for her passport, visa and flight to and from the US. now she is telling me she needs $7200 to just show she can travel to the US. she ...
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Stuck in Ghana with $3000 [duplicate]

An online person claims that they can't leave Ghana unless they fly out first class. They already have $3000 and claim that isn't enough to buy a ticket and leave. Is this legit?
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Travelling to Canada [duplicate]

It has been pointed out to me that a female wanting to visit a male friend in Canada has to have at least $3,600.00 Canadian funds for a maximum visit of 90 days, plus they have to get a visitors visa ...
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Do have to prove Solvency when getting a visa to the US from Russia [duplicate]

I have friend that is working with a travel agency in Russia to visit me here in the US. She informed me that the travel agent told her she will have to prove solvency of 4500$ to get the visa or she ...
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B2 travel visa from Russia to the US [duplicate]

A girl I met online says the travel agency she went to says she can't get a B2 visa to the US because she took a loan out to pay for her trip. Under Russian law she has to pay back a 680 US dollar ...
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I have been emailing a Russian woman for 7 months [duplicate]

My head tells me it's a scam. She doesn't have a smart phone so all communication is by email. She has already asked for money for air tickets then proof of money in her bank so that she can leave ...
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