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Visit UK 2 Years Visa - Investment Complication [duplicate]

I am a Nigerian, I intend to apply for 2 years visa. My concerns are these. I don't leave cash in my salary account but I have maintained a minimum balance of 350k (750 Pounds) and have been using ...
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UK visitor visa application 2 years / 5 years and no visit done in current 6 Month visitor visa (2019)? [duplicate]

We (mother, father and daughter) have a UK visit visa 6 month till November 30 but we cannot visit. Previously, my mother and father had visa and visited in Jan 2019. But this is my first visitor ...
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Applying for UK visas 2 years as a First timer [duplicate]

Can I apply for UK Visas 2 years as a first-timer? How possible is this? I am From Nigeria. I have travel history from East Africa and West Africa I have Travel history for Rwanda, Kenya, Benin Rep.
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Family of settled person/citizen visa for UK (above age 18) [duplicate]

Hope y'all doing great? I have a couple of questions I got a 6-month visit visa in November (Expires May). I am using 2 months on my first visit which ends in January and will be back home shortly. ...
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For UK Visitor Visa, what evidence to provide for source of funds?

I am currently planning to make an application for UK long term visitor visa in next few months for my mother. I and working full time in UK and will be sponsoring my mother for her visa application ...
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Unable to select requested UK visa duration on the online application form

This is related to the question regarding UK long term standard visitor visa. It was asked here before but the answer pointed to in the comment does not address the question. I want to know where in ...
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Standard Visitor Visa - one-entry vs. 2, 5 or 10 years

Is there a difference in how to apply for a multiple entry visa to the UK vs. for one specific entry? I’m a British citizen, applying for my 6 year old who is Bolivian. We will apply for his passport ...
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Length of visit for 2 year UK tourist visa

I am planning to apply for long term tourist visa for my mom and I wanted to know how long can she stay in UK if granted a 2 or 5 year visa. And if it's 6 months, then can she come back by making an ...
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Need clarification on applying for UK Visitor Visa from a Red list country

The GOV.UK visitor visa advice for applicants from Red list country states that: If you’re applying for a visitor visa Your application decision may be delayed if you’re applying from a red list ...
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How to have a multiple entry for UK Visa

Do I need to say that I want a multiple entry visa for the UK? (Tourist visa for 6 months) Or they will automatically put multiple on the visa? If it's not automatic, where should I indicate my ...
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I really in depth help ( UK tourist Visal refused Twice ),and makes so uneasy [duplicate]

I was denied UK visa based on the followings: You have stated that you will visit the UK for 6 days. I note that you were refused a visa for this purpose on 23 March,2019. At that time the Entry ...
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Is there any way to avoid having to leave passport at embassies on visa applications? [closed]

My citizenship does not allow me visa-free entry to most of the countries. Due to the nature of my work, I have to travel to various places quite frequently, and often require visitor/business visa. ...
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Why the change in visa type from Visa to Entry Clearance and the reduced validity from 2 years to 6 months

In 2018 I applied for UK standard visitors Visa and was successfully issued 2-year with Visa which has the resemblance of the schengen Visa. In 2021 I applied for another 2-year visa and instead I ...
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Can a husband/wife apply for UK Visas with different validities?

I have been issued a UK standard visitor six-month validity visa 3 times in 2014, 2017, 2018 whereas I have traveled only twice in 2014 and 2017. Now I’m married and I have two infant children who ...
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