We'll be spending a couple days this summer in Faro, and we would like to visit a nice beach with cliffs near the sea.

The difficulty is that we won't have a car, so we will use public transport, but it's hard to get clear information about the network there (I found algarvebus, but it's still a lot to process), and trains run far from the coast.

I found that Praia da Marinha is regarded as the most beautiful one, but that is very far away. I was trying to find others that are easier to access, without much success (Falésia is closer, but not with buses).

Is there any similar beach on the coast which is accessible by train/bus plus a short walk (let's say 2-3 km at most)?

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  • Would Praia de Faro work? It's not got the big cliffs but is accessible by public transport – Mark Mayo Dec 17 '17 at 3:00