I'm planning to fly to Las Vegas on holiday and drive to Toronto in a used car. I live in the UK and am unfamiliar with licensing laws in Nevada (and the rest of the US!) - though from what I understand the car would need insuring and registering before I could drive it. These are my questions:

  1. Do I simply need to ensure my full UK driving licence is valid for the insurance I buy?
  2. Can insurance be purchased instantly online? What is sufficient for proving I have it when registering the car?
  3. How do I register the car and can I do it online?
  4. Can insurance and registration be handled on the same day?
  5. Is there anything I need to be aware of when driving between various states and Canada? These are the states I plan to visit:
    • Nevada
    • Arizona
    • Utah
    • Colorado
    • Kansas
    • Missouri
    • Arkansas
    • Tennessee
    • Kentucky
    • Indiana
    • Illinois
    • Michigan

Just to point out in advance, I'm well aware that I could hire a car, but that's not an answer to my questions.




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