I am currently in India. I have a 6 months tourist visa, multiple entries, and my visa will expire soon. Can I apply for a new visa from India or Sri Lanka? Or I have to go back to my country (Romania) and apply there? Is there a time gap between the expiry date of my visa and the moment I can apply for a new one? (i.e. when my visa expires, I can go to ski lanka or my country and in 2 weeks to apply for a new tourist visa?)

Thank you very much!

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Can I apply for a new visa from India or Sri Lanka?

You cannot apply for a new visa for a country inside this country (i.e. a visa for India from India). You can only extend the current visa, but if you get Indian e-visa, you cannot extend it.

Going to Nepal (or Sri Lanka?) and applying for a new visa there is possible, and that's what most people do.

Regarding the gap, there's no gap (for you) anymore. According to Indian consulate:

With effect from November 30, 2012, the gap of two months required between visits to India of a foreign national on a Tourist Visa would be applicable only in the case of nationals of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistan and Stateless persons.

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