From February 12, citizens from 80 countries can travel to Belarus up to 5 days without applying for a visa unless you enter and/or exit from Russia. I'm from one of the countries but I wonder how they count the 5 days rule.

Some countries add the arrival date to the calculation; other countries don't.

Suppose that I arrive at 2017-09-01 at Minsk; do I have to leave it on 2017-09-05 or 2017-09-06?

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As it's stated on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:

According to the Presidential Decree “On establishment of visa-free entry and exit of foreign nationals”, foreign citizens of 80 countries* can enter Belarus for up to 5 days** and exit from the territory of Belarus only through the State border checkpoint of the Republic of Belarus “Minsk National Airport”.

At the bottom of the page there's a clarification:

**including dates of arrival and departure.

There's even a YouTube video explaining this. So, if you arrive at 2017-09-01, you can stay till 2017-09-05 included.

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