I was in Bilbao last week and I saw this building that seemed out of place with its surroundings. It looked abandoned (broken windows, graffiti) but very imposing. And it probably had a great view.

I am attaching a photo to help

  • r/evilbuildings. I used to go in that elevator a lot when I was a kid! You would pay it with a bus-pass. Google "ascensor de begoña" for more results (more than if you would google it in Basque at least) Jul 31, 2017 at 14:55

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It is an elevator, by which you could reach the Parque Extebarria and the Basilica Begoña. According both to (Basque-only) Wikipedia article and various other sources it was in use until 2014 and later abandoned. It's still not functioning as of July 2017.

The exact location is shown here: Google Maps

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