So my friend just invited me to travel with her to Belize. I contacted travelbelize.org and they tell me there are not aware of any repatriation fees that need to paid upon arrival. But I see all these posts on Wikipedia and Quora that there's a $600 repatriation fee that every Indian needs to pay on entry. The Belize embassies won't answer unfortunately. Any Indian here with a US visa who traveled to Belize this year or maybe 2016? I feel like I can only rely on first hand experience.

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You do not require a Visa for Belize but you do have to pay that $600 Fee

N.B. U.S. Citizens and Holders of U.S. Permanent Resident Cards/U.S. Multiple Entries Visas do not require a visa to enter Belize.

Source: Embassy of Belize in Washington, D.C.

Now onto the Fee part.

Belize (BZ)

Additional Information:

  • Visitors must hold at least USD 50.- per person per day and documents required for their next destination.

  • Nationals of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka must pay a repatriation fee of BZD 1,200.- on arrival.

  • Nationals of China (People's Rep.) must pay a repatriation fee of BZD 3,000.- on arrival.

  • Extension of stay possible for those listed under visa exemptions.

Source: Timatic

You asked for any first hand experiences only, mine is not. Timatic is much more accurate than what my experiences would've been.

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