I've been living in Sydney for about half a year now, with 1 more year on my visa (and hopefully a sponsorship to follow).

I'm interested in getting a motorbike to allow me to explore the area better. Trains just don't cut it.

I have a Polish driver's license for cars and motorbikes and an international driver's permit with the same categories. Am I allowed to buy and ride here without any extra licensing?

I've found this question: Buying a car in Australia or New Zealand as a non-resident? but the answers seem to focus on New Zealand.

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    Should this question be on expats rather than travel?
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There are two issues here: licensing (whether you can ride) and registration (whether you can transfer a vehicle to your name).

You can use your overseas driver's licence to drive in New South Wales as long as you are a temporary visitor. If you wish, you can obtain a NSW temporary visitor licence.

If you stop being a temporary visitor (e.g. if you get a permanent visa), then you have 3 months to obtain a local driver's licence.

As a Polish licence holder, you can obtain a NSW driver's licence without needing to pass the knowledge and driving tests if you are over 25 years of age.

Anyone over 16 years of age can register a vehicle. However, it is useful to have a NSW driver's licence as it will make the process easier (e.g. you will be able to transfer the registration online).

  • Thanks for your answer. As a follow up question, how long should I expect it to take to obtain a temporary visitor licence? Given that I might have to leave Australia within 11 months I'd rather waste a bit of time and effort registering offline rather than waste considerably more time waiting for a licence. Maybe it's a quick process - it's just that coming from Poland I've learnt to expect the worst when it comes to governmental offices ;)
    – user622505
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  • See the "What you need to do" section here. Assuming you are exempted from all the tests and have all your documentation in order, you will need to visit a motor registry or service centre, who should either issue the licence straight away or have it posted to you in approximately 2 weeks.
    – molypot
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  • Sweet. Thanks a lot for your answer. I know it's customary to wait a bit before accepting, but I really thinks this answers my question fully so I'm just gonna accept it now.
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