I will be traveling to Shanghai for 4 days from NYC through Taipei. My layover is long, about 9 hours. I will be traveling back to Taipei but this time I won't be on a layover, but rather will travel back to NYC after a week in Taiwan.

My original plan was with a layover through Chicago then direct to Shanhai, but the departure from NYC was bad, and the best I can find is through Taipei.

Will I be able to do visa-free transit, or will my layover in Taipei and then return to Taipei require me to apply for a tourist visa to visit Shanghai?

Many thanks.

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According to Visa policy of China:

...the outbound flight's first stop or destination must be in a different country than the inbound flight's.

This tells me that your inbound and outbound flights from and to Taipei would disqualify you from using the visa-free transit.

  • OK, that was my interpretation too. Thank you for giving me an independent perspective.
    – Tim L.
    Jul 23, 2017 at 12:13

I don't know about Shanghai, but Taiwan should be visa-free to US passport for a long time


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