I crossed the border from Laos to Thailand a couple of days ago and now I'm staying in a cheap hotel in Thoeng in Chiang Rai Province with not quite enough baht left for the rent. But I do have some unused USD left.

Since I was last in Thailand, ATM fees have skyrocketed to a whopping 220 baht, which is more than a night's rent! I've read the fee is lower at AEON ATM's in Tesco Lotus shops, but there's not one in Thoeng.

I recall changing money in banks in Thailand is expensive and difficult. So I'd like to avoid that too.

Is there an actual money changer in Thoeng?

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I've been living in Thailand for the past couple years, and have exchanged money for work and travel at quite a few banks - I've never had problems, though. If you go to a bank, make sure you bring your passport, and prepare to wait in line for a bit. If possible go early to avoid lunch break and post-lunch food coma. I'm not sure about any money changers in Thoeng, however I would imagine any travel agency or larger hotel could point you in the right direction. If you go that route, check the exchange rate first, I would recommend the kasikorn bank website Good luck :)

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