Do ear wax cleaning salons in Japan provide any related, similar services, such as trimming of ear hairs?

Just to clarify, I'm after actual hygiene related services, rather than karaoke, dating, getting your face slapped or anything under the counter.

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    There are earwax cleaning salons in Japan?
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Yes, they provide these services, depending on the salons.

I have never tried these salons but just searched on Google quickly in Japanese, it got many results saying they offer such services as trimming, massages, and applying moisture cleam.

However, I feel that most people in these salons don't get used to foreigners and are very poor at English; even the basic word or conversation such as "hair trimming" might not be understood. I encourage you to memorize some Japanese phrases to ask these services.

For example, "ke mo katto shi te ku da sai" may be enough (meaning "please trim the hair as well").

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