For my (Indian citizen) upcoming short vacation overseas in Europe, I have been granted short term visa by the Swiss Embassy in Delhi. Due to some change in the plan, I have following specific questions:

  1. Is it necessary to have Switzerland as the port of entry to Schengen States or I can enter at Paris or Amsterdam?

  2. I am travelling to other Schengen States in Europe by road transport and enter and exit Zurich by road. This means there is no stamping on visa in Switzerland. Is this OK? I am however ensuring that my maximum stay is in Switzerland.

  3. My port of exit may be Amsterdam.


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If you got a visa from the Swiss embassy, then Switzerland must be your main destination. As long as it's still true, it is OK if your port of entry or exit, or both, are not in Switzerland.

You say that you'll spend most days in Switzerland, so it qualifies as your main destination. Just make sure you have evidence supporting this, as you may be asked to show them when entering the Schengen area. In your case, I believe the best evidence would be hotel reservations in Switzerland. Train tickets can be good too.

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