According to Galleria Borbonica tours of the Bourbon Tunnel can be done on "Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays". My question is... will September 19 be a holiday that they'll be open? According to the Bank Holiidays in Naples September 19 is a holiday in Naples (Feast of St Gennaro).

The Bourbon Tunnel has three types of tours:

  • Standard
  • Adventure
  • Speleo

The latter two require reservations whereas the first one does not. But the URL to book tours in English doesn't work. The "Reserve your tour" button on the Adventure Tour takes you to Adventure Reservation gives an "error 404".

The Italian language link, however, does work: Prenota la tua visita.

But it only goes up to September 3!


I traded Facebook messages (in Italian) with Galleria Borbonica: they have not yet decided whether to be opon on the 19th of September, the Festival of San Gennaro. This year it falls on a Tuesday, and might open only the Bolla for viewing the aquaduct bridges. The decision will be taken at the end of August, with a 70 percent chance of being open on the 19th.

Salve..non abbiamo ancora deciso..sarebbe un festivo locale..poiché è martedi potremmo decidere di essere aperti x il ponte però decideremo a fine agosto..probabilità di apertura 70 x cento!!!

They are VERY responsive, within an hour, so you might FB message to check just before your trip, or when you're already in Italy.

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