I know that some museums offer online tours of their exhibits, and you can easy "navigate" from one place to another and view the exhibitions. Is there any such online tour for the Louvre (museum in Paris)? I wanted to 'virtually' visit and decide which exhibitions to see when I go there.

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Louvre's website throws up two options which come close:

  • Virtual Tours: Updated for 2016. Requires QuickTime plugin. Shows pans of specific exhibits and areas.
  • 3D Tours: Requires a special 3D plugin (Virtools) and has 3D recreations of exhibits. Not particularly impressive.

I think the biggest cross-gallery "virtual tour" at the moment is the one that Google did, Google Art Project. It covers 17 leading world art galleries, but alas the Louvre isn't currently one of them...

If you look at their FAQ it lists the museums currently available, such as the National Gallery in London and MoMA in New York. Be warned though, you can easily spend hours browsing on it, even without the Louvre's collections!

In terms of planning a visit to the Louvre (assuming Google Art hasn't persuaded you to go elsewhere!), the Louvre website does provide an interactive floorplan which could be handy in deciding where inside to go.

  • Art Project is a really nice site! Thanks for recommending it. Jul 13, 2011 at 4:07

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